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Membership Application - Jeffu - VG Air Force

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Name/Callsign:  Jeffu
Timezone:   [GMT - 6] Central Standard Time
Active Time(s):  Midday or Midnight, US Central
Time on VG BMS Server:  ~4 years

Time using Falcon/BMS:
8 years

Confidence Level:
CMR - Combat Mission Ready Instructor (know/flown everything & can train others)

Preferred Aircraft/Block:

Other Preferred Aircraft:
AV-8B, MiG-29, M2k

Might like to learn:

Other games/sims flown:
IL-2 1946, Falcon 4 AF

Comments/Personal Statements:

Haven't flown recently, need to get multiplayer necessities running in Windows again.

Application Review Status:      Membership Approved

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