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Membership Application - STARK58 - VG Air Force

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Name/Callsign:  STARK58
Timezone:   [GMT] Greenwich Mean Time
Active Time(s):  15.00 ZULU Saturdays
Time on VG BMS Server:  1 year 2019

Time using Falcon/BMS:
1 year 2019

Confidence Level:
New Pilot - (learning weapons/advanced flight)

Preferred Aircraft/Block:

Other Preferred Aircraft:

Might like to learn:
F-14 AV-8B Harrier

Other games/sims flown:

Comments/Personal Statements:

Been flying BMS on and off for a year now with =VG= Kavelenko`s  much needed help. This is my only experience with a proper Simulator. My ramp start is now solid and i have basic AG CCRP Bombing and Navigation skills. Looking forward to learning AA Missile Combat and also Air to Air Refuelling. Setting up of the missions (fragging a package) and designating the targets is very cool. The learning curve for me was steep , almost vertical : ) but very enjoyable and rewarding.

Application Review Status:      Membership Approved

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