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Assets waste / break server rules

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I never cease to be surprised by the number of players who violate the rules of the server and wastin assets. Moreover, they are surprised and offended by the warnings received. A lot of flying assets is destroyed by the same players. Three or four years ago for every destroyed helicopter / jet / tank you can easily get banned. It's just really annoying. Is it really so hard to follow the rules of the server and not waste assets?

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Depends on the Situation, bra.

Wasting assets like crashing each helo/jet against the next closest wall is asset waste.

Getting downed by AI anti aircraft missiles isn't nowadays assetwaste. It's more bots are OP in a broken Aircraft vs. AA Missile world.

You have the power to resign them.

If you ingame and the assetwasters disrupt the gameplay of the server in your opinion, you can act but keep it by tempory bans/kicks (including procedure of warning and kicks).

Project Reality hasn't the biggest community anymore.


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The recent increase in asset waste is actually due to many newer players entering the server. This is good news!

When a player wastes an asset, we tell them why it's a problem. If they continue to waste or bitch about the rule, we deny them the asset through resigning or kicking. If they dont care and keep doing it, they are griefing with intention and will be banned.


TL:DR Vehicles can be wasted for many different reasons, but the punchline is the same: If the player can't or won't improve their use of the asset, they will be removed from it. If they keep wasting or start trolling about it, they can be kicked and banned.


Bots have OP anti-air and good pilots will die too because of it. HOWEVER, players who keep doing the same dumb shit and keep dying because of it are breaking the rules:



Abusing or destroying of assets/vehicles, or using it so terribly that the team doesn’t benefit from it’s use. This includes:

Intentionally destroying assets/vehicles.

Crashing/destroying assets on takeoff or after very short use due to incompetence.

Consistently dying whilst using an asset, so that our team cannot rely on its support.

Leaving assets unattended outside of main base (abandoning Tanks / APC’s / helicopters/…)

Using vehicles for personal transport (eg. a single person using a logi  to drive to a flag, then leaving it behind).


Vehicle waste examples include:

  • Flipping a helo on takeoff / crashing a jet into a wall.
  • Stunt-flying and crashing into the ground or building.
  • Always driving armor into hot zones, getting ganked by bots and dying. Armor has an enormous effective range. Dying because of a YOLO playstyle IS asset waste.
  • Intentionally destroying vehicles.
  • Dumping any vehicle in the middle of nowhere. If you can't bring it to main, drop it at an FOB or flag.
  • Flying CAS and not providing fire support despite being requested, and without a good reason (reasons include too heavy AA etc)
  • Having such a high ping that flying is nearly impossible, causing crashes.
  • Losing several helicopters in a row because you ignore friendly warnings about enemy AA.


These actions are at your disposal to deal with asset waste:

  • Talk! Inform the player, tell them why its bad, get them to improve.
  • Warn them to get the point across.
  • Kill them to prevent take-off if you are almost certain they will waste again or they are acting up.
  • Resign to deny use of the asset.
  • Kick if the abuse keeps happening, and ban if they really won't stop or start trolling about it.

If you notice asset  waste, don't hesitate to bring it up. Ask the person if they did it and why. 90% of players respond well and say "sorry I'm noob". Deny them the asset and explain that we are no training server.

Don't forget: PR Admins have an exemplary function! Anything we do regularly will be taken over by players. The more we promote vehicle preservation, the more players will get it.


Waste is not as 'urgent' as a mass-teamkiller but will NOT go unpunished. I keep a shadowplay active when I play and keep footage of vehicle waste when I see it, with their response to warnings if possible. I know the players who waste a lot and deny them the asset if they haven't improved. When it happens too oftenly, they clearly don't care about our ways and should play somewhere else.


To finalise:

Players who don't want to play by our standards, rules and principles are NOT welcome to play on =VG= and won't be missed. People have been banned for 'minor' infractions because they keep persisting without improvement. Ask questions, act accordingly, reward the pure of heart, toss out the bad apples. Rinse and repeat. This is why we have the stripes.



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As PR admins we're in a position to "educate" new players about asset waste and following rules. Most wasters are just incompetent pilots/operators who use the server to practice so its easy enough to resign them if they are leading the CAS squad for example, and warn them if they persist. I've "educated" a few noobs in my time, that !kick command never gets tiring, I could do it all day! :P


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We feel your pain!!!!  Ignore idiots who respond to your warnings with incredulity -- this is not a training server, and even though shit happens, if newcomers are treating the toys carelessly, we trust you to stand up for the server and let them know it won't fly.

Try to avoid kicking people unless they really deserve it.   It sucks, but shit happens, and new players are gonna be new players.  Even trained pilots who are new are still ... new.  You all are the regulars, the pros - gotta leave room for the next generation, and teach them what will fly and what will not.

Wasting assets will not fly here, people gotta play for the win!!  Remind them of that whenever you need to.  Just be cool....  Vodka helps....

Y'all are now the old dudes - don't forget when you were the new dudes...
listen here noob.PNG

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