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Intresting combat footage

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Mexican Army intercepting a cartel vehicle and shooting the shit out of it.

This shit reminds me of when you blow right into a cap point with two full humvees of people in PR and have to shoot your way into a building to defend.


Crazy stuff.



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Funny thing about that, MS13 founding members were all Mexican SF that decided to muscle in on the protection ring for the cartels and the new blood SF took that as a black stain upon their unit. They made it a personal mission to find and kill all the founding MS13 members that were originally part of the SF group and I believe they just killed the last one some time last year or the year before if I'm not mistaken.

As for these cats, this is a vid of the Mexican Marines, not sure if its pay or the ideological factor, but the Marines have been kicking the shit out of the cartels ever since the Mexican Government let them off the leash. This specific video, that SUV had shot up a Police car earlier that day, so they reported it to the Marines and they took off after them aaaaaaaaaand, did Marine things.

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18 hours ago, =VG= Vanillapop said:

Just a quick question how is Mexico's army not infiltrated by the cartels? 

If anything, the regular army is the most immune to the corruption, from what I've heard. Especially the marinessome SF, as CptHawk points out.

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