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Hello! Glad  you're enjoying BMS!  I wish we had less of a language barrier here, not sure that any of our pilots can speak Portuguese.

In response to your question in TeamSpeak: I do not know of any live speech translator.  I imagine there may be some devices like this, but they would be too expensive for consumers OR may be smartphone focused and therefore incompatible with TS3 or In-Game communications.

We may live in the Star Trek age of technology here, but Uhura hasn't been replaced by a machine (yet)  :drinks:


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Hello SemlerPDX,
But the internet has already broken the barriers, we talked yesterday!
We can live in the age of Star Trek technology here, but Uhura has not been replaced by a machine.
There is a great Thinker and Philosopher who said the following:
The need that is the mother of invention !!!
Take Care !!!

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