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Koenigsegg Agera RS1

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Geez, I though I was pretty familiar with super cars and such... this is what happens when you let your brains turn to mush.  I've never even heard of an Agera!  Looks sweet!  Like it was inspired by a Lotus Motorsport Elise or something...

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And i thought One:1 was the fastest than these all Koenigsegg's :P Regera was like... meh-


Guess Agera still has it's fangs now...




Where is that moment first time seeing these kind of cars in my life? I was actually saw it first in a video-game, when i was a junior higschooler... one of the cars included was Koenigsegg CC series (CCR i believe, instant favourite back then)


Oh, forgot to mention.. don't forget the W Motors (Lebanese-UAE car company), some sick cars there as well :D


- Inch

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Koenigsegg CC series yes . I think i remember "Top Gear" Test driver "Stig" lost one of these on their test track . No rear wing for downforce.




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