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Got Banned without warn

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I dont know why ...
i didn't recieved any warnings at any admins in  the game 
dec 17 ,2018  around 8-9 pm (sea time zone)
nickname: Pvt_mR_taRAnTaDo
map burning sand 
squad i was :mech inf


1. Banned Username:Pvt_mR_taRAnTaDo

2. What Server(s):BattleField 2 Project Reality Veterans Gaming Coop

3. When did this happen: At Night at between 8-9pm(sea time) Dec 17 ,18

4. The reason you were banned:Unknowned ,Theres no Signs or warning that i got banned for no reason 


5. Describe the events leading up to your ban: as a Mech Inf ,i took a APC to support my squad at the start  


6. Personal Statement: i dont know why but theres no warns that i recieved on the game.
but if theres a violations. i willing to answer it 

 Reply.Thank You 

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Hello David,

I'm the banning admin, I took special note of why I banned you and that is NOT a good thing for you.

The reason why you were banned is because you were mic spamming end of round using the n-word and other racial slurs. 

I was extra careful making sure it was actually you, watching you spam the mic using racist slurs.

Simply put. It shouldn't  be a surprise for you. We don't tolerate racism on our servers not even as a "joke". 

Just FYI. You were banned on the round after without warning because your particular violation of our rules is considered far worse than simply misbehaving. 

What do you have to say for yourself? 

Any reason why we should unban you?


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my apology ,but im not the one saying the n-word ,the admin was mistaken  
theres alot of players saying that .every time 
at the end of the round ,i was saying "good job" then i heard some n-word at it .


i have respect to anyone in the server ,even every race .


but if you want to ban me permanently ,its okay . i'l take it 


but hell ,vets is nice server i played since i return to play bf2 last couple months ago. 

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18 minutes ago, David said:

but im not the one saying the n-word ,the admin was mistaken

The admin is me and I definitely saw your name pop-up and recognized your voice as well. Mere coincidence? 

19 minutes ago, David said:

theres alot of players saying that .every time 

That doesn't make it acceptable. It's a a violation of our rules that can get you banned instantly (even without warning). 

Either way, you are claiming that 'the admin' (me) made a mistake - you stand by that? Or perhaps you got carried away and talked stupid shit like 'alot of players saying'? 

Take the time to think about your answers and give us a reply, after that we will discuss internally what to do with your request.

We await your reply. 



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You have been unbanned.

We will be watching and listening.  If it was correct, then it will happen again and we'll be right back here.

If not, then we'll move forward understanding what is and what is not acceptable here, and play the game according to the rules.

Our team is discussing better ways to identify those who choose to spam the mics with bullshit and we have a pretty good idea on how to isolate it.  Everyone should keep that in mind from this day forward: we WILL be able to tell who is speaking using technology instead of our own ears, and intolerant mic spam will be the focus of our Admin team in the coming weeks and months.  READ:  If you spam the mic with bullshit, your days are numbered!


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