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Shit in movies that makes you so ANGRY

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1 hour ago, =VG= SemlerPDX said:

No movie is without sin.

"Jersans would be great at CinemaSins"  *ding*


I'll raise you with when Optimus Prime died in the cartoon and only good transformer movie.

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this is not shit in movies but shit-movies. The remake of maniac ... Style, effects and a hollywood beauty that has the main role. in the original the maincharakter is played by joe spinell which really comes like a maniac. the original is disgusting, hard, raw, dark and tells a crazy story that is not "better" when you put it on style .. the film is disturbing.  but the remake is some thriller that is so smooth that you can just watch another movie. they destroyed everything that the original movie told. but mr wood has a big knife...uhh...

the same as with tcm. in the original tobe hooper has created a dark film that pulls you from the beginning to bottom and where you feel uncomfortable, you do not like the actors and thus created a climate that I have never seen in any other movie. The film is only really hard at the end but the way up to then is quite exhausting.

the remake is just a soft thriller witch has
no atmosphere and is only so hard because people are hauled to meat rakes.






or suspiria ... is currently in theaters. I have not seen him yet but the trailer says it all. a bit horror-gossip with shock-effects.
The original Argento is one of the most atmospheric movies I know. The story is almost incidental. the pictures, the theater-like coloring, the few (even cheap) but hard splatter scenes and the soundtrack make this movie one of the biggest horror movies I've ever seen (and I really do not like witch movies ^^) the remake is forgotten next year and you could also watch some other horrorfilm ...



that was a slightly different topic, but it had to be said. sry ^^

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