Rolling Thunder Edition #25 is scheduled for July 29th, 2018. TS assembly: 18.00 UTC (20.00 CEST) TS3 no pass REQUIREMENTS: APEX TANK DLC   Mods: CBA A3 (latest), Task Force Radio Stable Beta (vers 1.-1.0.278)(lsame version as Steam), Reshmaan Province,  CUP Core and Maps, @RT24 . Required mods are available via Steam as well. As the previous one, this Rolling Thunder Edition will use Task Force Radio Stable beta as it has vehicle intercomms.   Overwiev: Scenario: a future and fictional Middle East conflict in the Syrian theatre involving Iran and Israel Map: Reshmaan Province MBTs: T-140 “Angara” vs M2A4 Slammer UP “Merkava”   Registrations are open.   To learn more:   Enjoy!