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PTSD advice?

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Does anybody have any advice on dealing with PTSD nightmares? I've been watching ASMR videos to fall asleep but I still wake up 10+ times a night. I'd rather not be medicated but it's the only option my PCP seems willing to give me.

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Something that I have felt is helpful for my clients is called IRT.

A Psychotherapeutic Option

Image Rehearsal Therapy (IRT) is one option:

- IRT is a modified CBT technique that utilizes recalling the nightmare, writing it down, and changing the theme - i.e. change the storyline to a more positive one

- The patient rehearses the rewritten dream scenario so that they can displace the unwanted content when the dream recurs (they do this by practicing 10-20 mins per day)

- In controlled studies, IRT has been shown to inhibit the original nightmare by providing a cognitive shift that refutes the original premise of the nightmare

Though it is a well tolerated treatment, the issue remains that a patient has to be willing and able to commit to IRT for it to work. This leaves a need for alternative options for patients who are unable to commit to this type of treatment.


Personal sleep Hygiene is important as well.  Here are some examples.

1. Learn relaxation methods.

Nightmares are fear based, and the fear persists after you awake. Sitting thinking about the scary part of the dream might reinforce the nightmare and result in memorizing your nightmare. Fear and relaxations are not compatible. The more you relax, the less fear you will have. As you get better at relaxing your fear shrinks and your dreams become less traumatic.

2. Learn sleep hygiene

Keeping regular bedtimes, reducing or eliminating caffeine especially in the hours before bedtime and other efforts to improve sleep naturally are helpful. It is important to allow plenty of time for sleep.

People who stay up late and get up early gradually become sleep deprived. Lack of sleep aggravates all sorts of mental health issues. Insufficient sleep increases the possibilities that you will be suddenly awakened and will remember the “bad dreams.”

During sleep the brain keeps working on our issues, memories are consolidated and thoughts organized. We only call dreams “nightmares” if we awake during the dream and have memories of it. Better sleep can result in fewer nightmares.

3. Begin treatment of the nightmares once you are relaxed and well rested.

The process of “reframing” nightmares makes them less scary and more manageable. Reframing or reprocessing is helpful for intrusive daytime thoughts as well as for nightmares.  The application of this to reducing or eliminating nightmares was described by Rhudy et al. in their 2010 article on CBT treatment for nightmares in trauma-exposed people, where they called it “ERRT” therapy.  Ben Furman has also described a similar approach for use with children.


As you stated, medication is helpful but some people do not want to be dependent upon it.  The most important thing that I can recommend is seeking help.  They have different support groups in communities now, some people like groups since they do not have to overshare or some people enjoy the one on one.  https://www.psychologytoday.com/ has a list of therapist in the area and what they use for helping people understand what they are doing with their life and how therapy can help.  They now offer Video conference sessions, think like a Skype call with a shrink.  These are helpful for people that do not want to deal in person or can afford it.  

The last piece of advice I can offer is meditation or mindfulness.  These elements redirect negative attention from the past and focus them to present moment.  Hope these can point you in the right direction.  

Best of luck,


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This was quite helpful @=VG= m823us 
I started truck driving in May of last year and ironically, considering  the kind of games I play, I'm terrified of potentially killing people. It got so bad that I started having nightmares where I would slam on non-existent brakes or flail my arms turning a steering wheel and hurt myself while sleeping in the truck. The sleep deprivation got so bad that I eventually rolled my truck in September  @65mph from the panic of possibly killing something. The EMTs were amazed I was alive considering the damage to the truck.

I started seeing a psychiatrist but I live in an overbooked county and I only get to see him every 6 months. 
Really, thanks.


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Hats off and all the respect, again, to m823us !



8 hours ago, sirisma said:




Damn that is so....... #Rekt.... Anyway i really have no advice... I don t know.... I smoke and drink tea just because i fell stressed all the time (school, work)...

Anyway skipping this i wish you all the best ! :hi:

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