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ATTN PR ADMINS: PR COOP Server is on a NEW VERSION - Join the server at least once to register your new ID in server files, then send message to m823us or SemlerPDX and we'll restore it to the Admins list.       (dismiss this message by clicking the "X")  →


Basic Server Admin (non VG admins)

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ok note to admins out there who are admins we've appointed to assist VG clan members in policing the servers.  When a tag wearing VG member joins the server they become the lead admin and make decisions relating to map changes run nexts, etc.. Your only duty when playing in the server while VG members are present is to warn, kick, ban players in accordance with our posted server rules. The more you muck with the server, the more unstable it becomes, and the more often it crashes. Every time you do a map change, it will crash the server 8/10 times (at least from my experience). So note to basic admins, please stop trying to manage the server and focus exclusively on enforcing the rules unless the situation dictates otherwise. Thank you. Blud  

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