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[poll] Introducimg ViciousMC

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Hello game fans. I as the title reads I am ViciousMC. For those of you that don't know Orion*MC* is my real life twin brother and turned me on to playing with you all. I am a smart gluteus maximus as those of you have heard if we have played PR and am going to drive or fly you around so you can get all the kills. I have been told I can hold a chopper more steady than just about anyone and am a medic you will be addicted to. See I have these little things that bring you back alive and help you fight when you have been silly enough to get in front of the enemy bullets and need help. They can be addictive as I have said and you will not only want me to stick you but demand it. But being the good life pusher I am I will get you up and tell you to shoot them before they shoot me. It is really all about me after all and getting you up just protects me from getting shot.

On a more serious note I have come to respect the VG code as it were and am hoping to be able to spend some time playing with you guys. I can only be on a few days a week but in that I hope to see you all on and may the pixel killing fun commence.


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