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Wells Fargo Commercial

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Something kinda cool,

There is a new Wells Fargo Bank spot running on our National TV. It features a guy who wants to start a Flight School and uses Wells Fargo as his means to accomplish such.

Well the guy who owns the plane in the commercial is a friend of mine and my wife actually works for him. He owns several planes and keeps them at local hangars, so they filmed locally, it was kinda cool. All the scenery in the commercial is all from around here.

Wells Fargo just hired him to use his plane, but after meeting him, they got him a SAG Card, hired him for the gig and featured him in the commercial! During the 1st day of filming my wife came home and said that Jeff needed my USMC Bomber Jacket to wear because he didn't have anything nice and it was freezing! So the Jacket you see him wearing is my USMC Jacket!! It's the same Jacket in this pic: http://www.veterans-gaming.com/e107_plugins/sgallery/includes/sgal_thumb.php?src=../pics/7pe40sl6d0un/31.jpg&hash=05239643a60137c871d3ad1fc40a3630

My wife actually got a ride in that thing during the week of filming but I have not yet. BUT I WILL!

Info on the plane from Jeff: (PT-19 is a low-wing monoplane of the same vintage but unrelated.) PT-17 is the same plane with a Continental engine (PT-13 has a Lycoming). Ours has a Lycoming, so you can say it?s a PT-13 HOWEVER,

ours is painted in Navy colors which makes it an N2S-5; the exact same airplane with a different paint scheme for a different branch of service. And another note: Ours is improperly painted on the tail as an N2S-3 (which means it would have the Continental engine).

So, to review... ... Army PT-13 = Navy N2S-5 à Lycoming engine, Army PT-17 = Navy N2S-3 à Continental engine, Ours is a N2S-5 (that incorrectly says N2S-3 on the tail in small letters)

He has a buddy at the Airport that has an F-5 and T-38, I'm trying to get a ride the trainer and it's looking good! I'll be sure to film it all.

Jeff and his Father also owns the DC-3's used in that Raiders of The Lost Ark movie, you know the one where they jump from it with the little rubber boat? I can get some shots of it and post them up, it's a sweet ol thing. I don't know if I'd fly in it though. lol.

Anyway, my awesome wife got me some shots of the Stearman.

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