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Welcome to the Community of VETERANS-GAMING!



VETERANS-GAMING was founded by former Marine Sergeant and Veteran BLuDKLoT, and while we are not a Veterans-only community, we do have many Veterans from militaries around the world here, and plenty of the rest of us are military enthusiasts.  We are an international group with members from over 40 countries on 5 continents, and as a whole we speak English as our common language.  We are more of a fraternity or community of friends than an average gaming clan, we don't want people joining if they aren't sure what VG does, which consists of merely hanging out and playing games.


VG is a home with open doors for casual and mature teamwork oriented gamers, and we award Clan Membership tags to anyone who proves themselves to be responsible and have that CO-OP spirit, and who have hung out long enough to be considered part of the wallpaper.  We primarily host and play co-operative and Player vs. Environment game modes against AI "bots" rather than humans, but many of us also play competitive Player vs. Player games as well.


If people are cool with that, we are proud to have them in this community.  We have no problem with players remaining as merely players, and we are slow to recruit players into VG.  Some groups push to get as many tag wearing members who are interested in a common theme as they can recruit.  VG is more about Quality over Quantity.  People who become VG are fairly well vetted over time, and more worthy of trust and responsibility than the average online gamer who gets their tags after a week and a handshake.  We've been around for a decade now, and we'll be here for many, many years to come.

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