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I'm very happy to announce that the VG Wiki informational database is now complete!  The main purpose of the VG Wiki is to act as our information hub where it is quite easy to find anything about the community, our servers, manuals and guides for our members and groups, or even guides created by players for the games we play.

This project went into double overtime, so there are still many pages with 'under construction' notes with my name, and I will complete these very soon but didn't want to hold off or push myself to finish everything all at once.  It wasn't making or writing content pages that took so long, but coding the systems and logic that draw any particular VG Wiki page.  Learned tons about HTML, CSS, JS and PHP, plus plenty more specifically about how IPS works which will allow plenty of similar projects or new systems for us in the future, too, building on what was gained from this way too long project.  I need a break, and VG Wiki Pages are literally designed to be edited and built over time by definition.


There are plenty of pages designed as 'stubs' meant to be completed or created by willing editors or Servers Team members, or specific people as noted by page notes.  New pages are welcome, though it would be nice to fill in needed info about our servers, how to connect, how to play, and all that first.  We could add new categories, new parent- or sub-categories, new pages, anything needed.  All pages and section titles create links, you could link someone specifically to the PR COOP Server rule about Camping, for example.  Summary Panels show those who put in work, plus easy contact links, important and historical information.  This was a very fun, very rewarding project and I hope it proves useful over the years to come!


"The VG Wiki is not meant to replace known good Wiki's for games or topics, but to be our own information database for the games we play and the servers we run here at VG.  While this would not necessarily be the best place for a general Wiki about the game Project Reality, for example, it would be an excellent place for a collection of pages about Project Reality COOP on the VG Server, perhaps the kits and kit numbers that are available, the assets and how they work in COOP, and with specific regards to how we use them or expect them to be used on our PR COOP Server."


Right away, the key pages which I have completed include server rules pages for each of our games, VG Clan Information for our groups and structure including membership and advancement details, and information about the VG Wiki itself including the VG Wiki Pro Editors Guide and 'Editors Only' categories for learning the editor, testing elements in the editors Sandbox Demos, or creating pages which can be moved into their final category later.

I plan to complete the information about Clubs asap, and then import the existing 'How to Connect to BMS Server' page/post into the Server Manual for BMS VG Wiki Page. 

Beyond that, the sky is the limit - all details about what VG Wiki is and is for are detailed in the "About VG Wiki" page, naturally.  I hope this system is a welcome place to take over our 'Pinned' and 'Featured' posts that would be better suited by a single location for our members to find.  Check it out and let me know what you think:

A note about Rules Translations Pages
The existing PR COOP Server Rules translated in Turkish is also something I can easily import from the current HTML source and I will do this later, and I will copy the current PR COOP Rules to the 'Polish' translation for the member who offered to create that.  BUT --- We do not need translations for all languages, these are specifically for occasions of an influx of players from those countries where our rules are not easily translated from English using current online tools like google translate.  Turkish is known to be difficult, and if Polish is the same, we don't mind hosting a translated rules page for that language.

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VG Wiki  Informational Database    I'm very happy to announce that the VG Wiki informational database is now complete!  The main purpose of the VG Wiki is to act as our information hub wh

Loving this idea... jury says 10/10 😍

Damn, well done.

For the future - because I ask these same questions to myself, I know they will come up:


Q:  Can this VG Wiki system with callout boxes and stuff be applied in forum posts?

A:  No, unfortunately these are complex html elements which require the VG Wiki database to function


Q:  Can these systems or elements be made possible in Blogs (or Gallery, or Downloads)?

A:  No, with a "but" -- the IPS Blogs, like the Gallery and Downloads systems on this website are a components of IPS and have no direct means to modify to this depth.  A plugin may be possible in the future, but this is speculation and an area that would require nearly an equal amount of time to research, learn, and develop if even possible. But if it is, it would be undertaken (someday)


Q:  Can this same type of system be use for VG Articles?

A:  Yes, actually this would mostly be labor intensive but not difficult.  Articles is the same database type system, and while existing articles would need special editing and incorporation, they could remain with their current comments and view counts, and future articles could begin to use the new multiple sections of VG Wiki Editor (renamed to a VG Articles Editor).  Obviously this is something I've already put thought into, but as it will be labor intensive and require a good week (or two) of tedious work, it will need to be put off for a time.


Q:  I could really use a 26th section for a page, why "only" 25 sections?

A:  It is not possible to add more than the current number of sections to the Editor.  This is a hard limit in the IPS Databases module for the allowed number of 'fields' in an editor, with each section containing 5 fields (title, content, 2 checkboxes, and text line for options) in addition to the fields for Summary Panel, etc. By sheer luck, this editor has a complete 25 sections plus all the items needed for the other fields to the point that not one more field can be added to this editor!

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