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NEW - AVCS Voice Controlled Bug Report

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Profile:  AVCS4 BMS - Immersive Voice Control Radios
Issue:   Command(s) pressing wrong keys in game
Profile Version:  1.3.92
VoiceAttack Version:  1.8.7

Steps to reproduce:

  1. two  ||  AI COMMS - Prefix Words
  2. clear my six  ||  AI COMMS 1 - Combat Management 1

Expected Behavior:
default functional operation

Observed Behavior:
(see attached error log file, if available)

Personal Testing:
(AVCS Automated Debug and Reporting used)

AVCS CORE Version: 0.92.1 F_CORE_MAIN Version: 0.92.1Session Command Count:154 RAM(total):17104375808 RAM(available):7962001408
LastCMD:two clear my six PreviousCMD:yes
Playback:Lautsprecher (Realtek High Definition Audio) Playback(comms):Lautsprecher (Realtek High Definition Audio)
Playback Volume:100 Playback Mute:0
Microphone:Mikrofon (Realtek High Definition Audio) Microphone(comms):Mikrofon (Realtek High Definition Audio)
Microphone Volume:76 Microphone Mute:0
Speech Device Volume:76 Speech Device Mute:0
AVCS CORE Profile: AVCS CORE (v0.92b) AVCS Profiles List:
AVCS_PROFILE_AVCSBMS92=AVCS4 Falcon BMS Radios (v1.3.92b)

003917752 CID:0 -DEBUG-##- || INFO:  ==========================NEW REPORT==========================
003930801 CID:2445 -DEBUG-000- || IS:0 || ACT:Spoken || CMD:two
003930805 CID:2445 -DEBUG-000- || RID:500 || CAT:AI COMMS - Prefix Words
003931318 CID:2445 -DEBUG-06- || INFO:  AVCS4 BMS Audio Feedback Mode is ON - sound file played = AVCS_Feedback_CENTER.wav
003931601 CID:2664 -DEBUG-000- || IS:0 || ACT:Spoken || CMD:clear my six
003931605 CID:2664 -DEBUG-000- || RID:500 || CAT:AI COMMS 1 - Combat Management 1
003931923 CID:2664 -DEBUG-01- || INFO:  ~command = ClearMySix  ||  ~category = Combat Management 1
003932057 CID:2664 -DEBUG-03- || INFO:  LOOP page = 1 - Keyboard Key has been pressed == W
003932148 CID:2664 -DEBUG-04- || INFO:  Command complete - ~avcs_prefix_target = WINGMAN  ||  Current TimeKeyIsHeldDown = 0.05   ||   Current TimeBetweenKeys = 0.05
003932230 CID:2664 -DEBUG-04b- || INFO:  Final Keyboard Key has been pressed == Not set

Hi Semler, "Amadeus75" here.
Country: Austria
Language: German
Key Layout: QWERTZ
Decimal: Comma
The spoken command "Two, clear my six" should give out "w7". Instead, it types only "w".
Best Greetings, I hope this bug report works 🙂

Severity / Status:      Resolved (live update pushed to all users)

View full bug report

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Okay - now I can see exactly what the issue is, and it makes sense, too.  It seems that I did not add in the specific keypress variable for that command, where it was formerly (incorrect) "Check My Six", and I added the correct phrasing to that for "Clear My Six" but not it's keypress counterpart (7)

I've patched this up, and pushed it out for all users.  Just follow the prompt next time you restart VoiceAttack and load AVCS, and it will apply.

I will get the next full profile update released before too long, including the fix for handling international decimal separators, and other fixes/improvements.  As always, I really appreciate everyone's patience and support through these beta test rounds... I know they are long, and I'm a bit of a perfectionist, but I'm just one guy and it's a passion project.


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