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hi freaks,

i left this community a long time ago, so almost exactly 6 weeks, some people may still know me. for those who don't:

i was built somewhere between Intel 8086 and commodore c64. most of the time i spend at home when there are deadly diseases worldwide. if i don't do that i try to rescue my job in the culture branch even though this branch no longer exists. when i'm not researching hyper-real war simulations, i try to understand music and have already seen one or two movies.

because at the tender age of 6 I was forced to work in the IT industry, i know a little about komputers and this internetz and im not afraid of technology.

one or the other has probably already wondered what this stupid name is about. this is correctly interpreted the answer to all questions. incorrectly decrypted, however, it becomes an encryption trojan. but since nobody can remember all these numbers, actually everyone calls me "weird numbers".

Before the forced break I was a professional point collector with the brigade VWWC (VolodWeWillCome!) as an AR and Medic I was able to record some successes and even managed to get close to Volod up to two places but then the suffer began...


With a very clever move, VG slowed me down and put me in the cracks. They gave me a clantag and I basically had to start from scratch. I worked myself up with all the remaining strength, but the old strength was gone. battered and wounded, there was also an update that should throw the battered hero even more off the rails. also one or the other plague outside the front door... but I don't want to cry.

you are now wondering what am I doing here again? i have vowed to take revenge and to come back to this clan again and again. and if they beg me to leave I will only leave to come back soon!



it would be good if you didn't tell them anything about it. then the effect is bigger. don't worry, they won't read this anyway... and the picture will distract the vg guys.


and here I am.* ready for the next match.* 


At this point I have to warn everyone who joined after me: pay attention! they do friendly but pull the strings in the background. on discord say hello to you kindly and then you will be banned just because you accidentally shot the cobra on the carrier... the admins here are abusing their strength anyway! they have so many admins that they now even have admins for the admins... and they have weapons too. and they call themselves "verterans";) we all know what that means... they are planning something! I was there for a secret test on locked servers. they have rehearsed real war scenarios at jabal and muttrah and a few of them are trying to learn to fly and they are building extra simulators for that. but none of them can land...so watch out.

you cannot join their clan either. "They will find you" google for skull and bones... I'll tell you. you can protect yourself by starting to write whenever you see a VG. time, kit, emotional state, squad name and k/d ratio are important. it's best to write it down and post it in the forum hidden in an old post. join KMDO Muttrah 24/7 to infiltrate VG! together!

and? what's new? everything fine?

I look forward to seeing you in the game...

so long.



* soon


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I've never seen an introduction (or 're-introduction') post dripping with so much non sequitur content in the ten years I've been here.  You're a funny ass dude, "Binary"... a bit weird, too - but in a good way.

 Happy to have you part of this group!  Take care and best wishes!  :drinks: 

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2 minutes ago, =VG= BLuDKLoT said:

You left?


not really... you skipped this:

you are now wondering what am I doing here again? i have vowed to take revenge and to come back to this clan again and again. and if they beg me to leave I will only leave to come back soon!


it was a 6 week breake because of some private trouble, work and corona...

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