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Mug Shots - 2020

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I still remember when @=VG= Blazer and @=VG= HaterOneActual gave us that moment to share our mug shots of ourselves and stop "hiding behind our firewalls".

So I thought, f*ck it. Its been more than 3 years since that happened! let's start the 2020 edition!

Anyways, Here's mine from Scotland where "New Asgard" was filmed for avengers endgame. 



Feel free to post up fellas!

Don't be shy, it's not like your mug shot is gonna end up on someone's wank bank lmfao

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Okay, I'll play along.       Edit  

i dont have any proper pictures of my self so :v my hair is lot longer than this now.

first one is now and the other was like 1 year ago maybe idk. Do with it what you will.

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1 minute ago, =VG= 0100011000101 said:

doing the joke with the binary-pic again would be stupid, so here is a real pic ^^:


I think I'm too stoned to try and figure out if you are facing forward or backward loooool :lol:

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It's pretty cool to see all the faces behind the voices. Given that I'm a privacy fanatic & even my na me in my intro was a cryptogram, it's only natural that i....

*download [CRYPTOFACE].txt, open in notepad with word-wrap disabled & therein lies my other face :b0209: Ctrl+A to actually see the face


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