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Operation Antistasi - ARMA 3 Campaign

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Operation Antistasi - 1

Arma 3 Campaign

17th October 2020

16:30hrs to 04:30hrs(Next Day) - ZULU Time (UTC)

Max 20 Players

Large Campaign - 12 & 1/2 Hours Long (Join Whenever and Leave Whenever) - For this event


Server Status: ONLINE - Joinable

Password: antiballs






Antistasi is a 3 way war between Bluefor, Redfor, and a player led local rebellion represented by Greenfor. As a rebel faction, you will start severely outnumbered and outgunned. The US is the main occupying force and will start owning most of the land. Russia is an invader who will start with very little land. The rebels are, well, rebels! As such we will start with no land at all. 

Here are the Rebel classes you really should choose before entering the game along with their advantages:

  • Medic - Able to revive heavily wounded troops, You are part of the backbone of the team, If there are no medics in a vicinity of a fallen solider, Don't expect an engineer to be able to revive
  • Engineer - Able to repair components of damaged vehicles, Weather its a track or a turret off of an APC. 


Every 10 minutes Antistasi does a check/update of the scenario’s situation and many things are updated or changed. Your money, HR, town ownership, arsenal, and more will be recalculated based on how the situation has changed since the last update. This also happens to your enemy as well. At the beginning of the game they start with relatively little resources (still far more than you) but since they own so many factories and resources they are able to replenish and grow their military hardware very quickly. Disrupting this flow of resource is very important. The longer you let the enemy sit on factories and towns the stronger they will become!


Victory and Defeat:

Win and Lose conditions are very easy to grasp in Antistasi:

1. You win the game when over 50% of the population on Altis supports the Rebels. Note that cities have different amounts of people living in them. Larger cities contribute more to victory than tiny villages. You also must have control of the Altis Central Airport (in the middle of the map near Gravia) regardless of how much of the population supports you.

2. You lose the game if Russia destroys eight towns (happens if you fail an AFRF Punishment Mission).

If Petros (OUR HQ COMMANDER) is killed by the enemy you do NOT lose the game. Instead, all items and weapons in your Temporary Arsenal are lost, some items and weapons within the Permanent Arsenal are randomly chosen to be lost, and the commander will have to select a new place for the HQ far from any enemy zone.


Vital Factors:

There are five vital statistics in Antistasi that will change continually throughout the campaign:

Human Resources (HR): This represents the amount of manpower you have at your disposal. Purchasing entire squads or soldiers for your squad all cost HR. Of course, if no one wants to join your revolution it would be difficult to recruit a large army so the fastest way to gain HR is by winning the allegiance of the local towns. Additionally, you can immediately gain HR by either rescuing AAF Prisoners or saving Refugees. These are both randomly available missions throughout Altis.

Player Money: Each player in a multiplayer game of Antistasi will have their own money account. They can use this to purchase vehicles and soldiers for their squad. Completing missions, killing enemies, stealing from your own rebel faction (hurts your standing), or receiving donations from other players are the main ways to gain Player Money. 

Rebel Faction Money (Commander Only): The commander in a multiplayer game will have access to the FIA’s overall money account. This money is used to purchase vehicles, units, and squads, rebuild assets, deploy roadblocks, etc. The amount of money you receive for each 10 minute check-in depends mostly on how many towns and powered resources you own. Owning factories also contributes to the effectiveness of resources, thus increasing the money output indirectly by making each resource pump out more cash.

USAF Aggression: This value represents NATO’s willingness to send Major attacks against you, The higher the value, the more powerful the forces you will have to face, Reduce the agro by releasing US POWs after you capture them, reviving wounded enemy soldiers instead of killing them, and simply playing the waiting game and not do any aggressive hostile actions against them.

AFRF Aggression: This value is like USAF Aggression, but is very difficult to control, you cannot lower agro by reviving or releasing their POWs but actually by letting them capture back the territory you took from them. 


Territory Types:

In Antistasi Altis is classified into two types of territory: zones and towns. Both serve different purposes and must be taken by the player through totally different means.

1. Zones are areas of the map directly controlled and garrisoned by either yours or enemy forces. They include Outposts, Airports, Factories, Resources, and Seaports. In order to conquer zones the player must storm them, approach the flag, and use the Take the Flag option to formally claim the zone for the Rebels. At that point the zone will change to the Rebel Faction and they will start benefiting from having that zone immediately. Bear in mind that zones that are in radio contact will have the help of nearby enemy bases. Most of the time capturing a zone will result in a QRF from the enemy to take it back. The severity of the QRF depends on the aggression of the enemy factions, their resources (Have you kicked their butt too much lately?), distance and finally radio contact from comms towers

If you lack the resources to capture a zone but still want to deny the enemy the benefit of it, you do have the ability to destroy the zone. Factories are easy enough to demolish given enough time and mortars. If you capture that factory later, you can always rebuild the zone for $5,000 to restore its benefit.

2. Towns are where you will find the residents of Altis trying not to get killed. Conquering towns involves convincing the people that they should back the Rebels. The player has many options to do this. They can complete missions like delivering supplies, rescuing prisoners, killing enemy forces, and, crucially, controlling the zones around that town. 



There are 8 types of zones, seen below.


This is a small fortified area where the enemy stations a garrison of troops and occasionally a vehicle. Exactly what equipment compliment the outpost will have varies on the outpost. Sometimes a tower with a .50 cal machinegun will be present. Sometimes just a few soldiers with some sandbags are all that defends the outpost. Scouting is key to make sure you bring the right amount of force to conquer an outpost. Outposts don’t have a very large direct impact on the Rebel’s wealth but it does provide an area where you can garrison troops and watch enemy movements. Since attacked must originate from a base, if an outpost stands between an enemy attack and its intended target, the outpost will provide an extra layer of defense for you. They also contain good loot crates.


Airports are like Outposts/Bases except they have the luxury of close air support that can be scrambled at any moment. Much like bases, expect many soldiers and heavy weaponry to support their defense. You will also have to contend with helicopters providing support and reconnaissance almost immediately. Bear in mind, though, that these helicopters will start the attack on the ground; they must be manned and scrambled to be used. If you’re stealthy you can disable most of the enemy’s aircraft before they can be brought against you. Note, however, that this will require careful movement as airports normally have guard dogs patrolling, especially near the airport’s flag. Sneaking across the runway to “headshot” an airfield will be difficult if not impossible when dogs are on the prowl. They contain great loot crates and gives the players the ability to deploy air vehicles from the flag of the airport


Factories produce money and many other advantages for whichever side controls them. Do note that factories are inhabited (or at least manned) by civilians. Pummeling a factory with mortars may lead to innocent casualties. Of course, if you destroy the factory structure itself it will no longer provide resources to its owner. Similarly, you also have the option of murdering all of the factory’s workers to prevent it from operating, although this has consequences.

A operating factory will produce a considerable boost in income for the player with each 10 minute check-in. This also means that the enemy will not be getting this same advantage. Conquering many factories, and destroying the ones you can’t, puts an immediate strain on enemy strength. You can reduce the amount of armor and helicopters pestering your troops by denying the enemy economic resources. Both Rebel and Enemy resources are calculated by multiplying existing resources by the number of factories owned. So, although resource zones generate cash for the rebels, capturing or destroying factories do more to harm the enemy’s production capabilities.

Factories also reduce the amount cash needed to recruit new soldiers.


Resources are the main money generator for the rebels and they become even more powerful if used in conjunction with factories. It is helpful to think of resources as the base money-making zone and factories as a force multiplier. Resources are generally simpler zones to capture and have a much lower chance of civilian casualties. They generally lack large structures or large civilian worker populations and can often be quite remote. 

Radio Towers

Radio towers are important for two reasons: enemy counterattacks and intercepting enemy communications. Just like factories or resources, radio towers can be destroyed to deny the enemy access to them. Each radio tower has a 3km range that allows it to relay communications between different zones in the island. This means attacking an enemy zone in radio communication with a major enemy base will elicit a major counterattack. On the flip side, if an enemy base or resource is not in communication with other zones, the player can attack that zone without fear of a major response.

The advantage of cutting lines of communication with other zones is available both with destroying or capturing radio towers. However, capturing a radio tower also has the added benefit of allowing the Rebels the chance to intercept enemy radio communications. With each 10 minute check-in, Antistasi will also determine if the player is successful in intercepting enemy comms. If successful, the composition and location of enemy patrols and other roving units will be revealed on the map. The information is only a snapshot of the moment in which communications where intercepted, so the information begins to go stale as soon as the enemy’s whereabouts are reported.


Seaports provide two key benefits: they are the only place where you can purchase boats and they lower the cost of purchasing vehicles for the rebels. The logic behind this is seaports allow for the shipping in of vehicles and resources at a lower cost, thus your land operations benefit from having easy access to the sea. In general, Antistasi does not have many features for sea-based warfare although the enemy will station a minigun attack boat near the seaport for defense. Note that when capturing a seaport the enemy’s supply box will often have some interesting items in them that you can’t find anywhere else. Rebreathers and other sea-specialized gear are available at seaports.



As mentioned above, towns are an important part of Antistasi but they function very differently from conquerable zones. Since the Rebels are fighting to free the people and not subjugate them, your job is to prove to the residents of Altis that the Rebels are worth supporting. To do this, you must either disrupt and discredit the enemy or accomplish charitable acts for the people. Unlike bases and other zones, you cannot just kill the enemy and march into the center of the town and raise your flag. The residents will decide when they think the Rebels is worth supporting. Each town has several important attributes:

1. Population – Population generally does not change throughout the campaign but it is a very important statistic because the more civilians support you the closer you are to victory. The higher the population the more people you will see walking around the general vicinity of the town. Bear in mind that citizens may support the enemy and will report your position if they spot you (or blow your undercover if you’re seen doing something aggressive like plant mines or driving through the wilderness).

2. USAF Support – This is a percentage of the town’s population that supports your enemy, the USAF. At the start of the game, towns will support the USAF at 50% if playing on Recruit or Normal and 75% on Veteran and Elite. Regardless of difficulty, towns will start out with no support for the Rebels.

3. Rebel Support – This is the percentage of the town’s population that supports the Rebels.

Capturing and Holding Towns

When the Rebel’s support number is greater than the Enemy’s number the town will change to the player’s control and begin providing you with money and HR. Note that this does not mean the town is permanently in Rebel control. There is a chance that the Enemy will send a supply convoy to a newly-converted town to make a last bid to win the population’s support back. Even if this initial attempt is thwarted, the Enemy will still periodically run operations in and around the town to win it back. Be sure to continually address missions that arise in your towns to avoid having them flip back to the Enemy.

You can work the population’s opinion in two ways: Lower the support for the Enemy (by disrupting their activities and destroying their assets) or raise the population’s support for the Rebels. Of course, you can capture a town simply by doing a lot of good deeds for the population, but also disrupting the Enemy’s control of the town helps to accelerate flipping the town to your side while simultaneously harming the Enemy’s ability to make war.

There are several ways to change a town’s opinion of the Rebels to your favor:

Completing missions in that town.

Conquering zones near to the town like resources and outposts.

Just destroying Enemy assets and killing soldiers near the town in general.

Minimizing civilian casualties and collateral damage in and around the town. However, bear in mind that there are two types of collateral damage: killing civilians directly by small arms fire (i.e. a very direct method). This will lower the population’s support for the faction responsible for killing the civilian(s). Indirect fire like NAPALM or playing with ACE active is counted by Antistasi as indiscriminate killings where the civilians do not know exactly who was responsible. In this case, both factions lose support from the population.



Do not use Weapons, Armour or any other items from the arsenal if they are not unlimited, If you want to use that specific item, gather enough loot that contains it to convert it to unlimited quantity (Usually 15 Units to convert to unlimited), So if you want that cheeky SVD, go and find enough for the rest of the team to have one. If you are caught carrying a weapon that isn't unlimited and you die in combat you will be forced to retrieve it back from your dead body.

Always carry out missions and tasks with teamwork, DO NOT ASSAULT ZONES ON YOUR OWN.

Seek approval from the current ingame Team Leader if you would like to form a group to carry out your own task such as recon, assaults, side missions etc etc. Team Leaders orders go first.

There will be 1 Main Team Leader, A 2IC and a 3IC. If the 1st team leader is AFK, or is not in game, The leader position will go to the 2IC, if not due to same reasons, Will go to the 3IC. (IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO APPLY FOR 2IC AND 3IC AND YOU HAVE GOOD EXPERIENCE IN ANTISTASI LET ME KNOW AND ILL ASSIGN YOU IT.)



Team Leaders:

1IC - =VG= Sausag3

2IC - ?

3IC - ?



You are free to join or leave at any time of the event due to it being very long. That's exactly why there are 3 chains of command due to some tendencies of being afk for a break sometimes if playing all day lol. You DO NOT need to register for this event, But however you can reply here that you will be attending at some point if you'd like to let others know. Password for the event will be released when the time comes. 



Below I will provide links of the most biggest mods for the event, I wont put all of them as some are so small you will just have to wait seconds to download when joining from the launcher

RHS - All 3 RHS Mods:

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843577117 - RHSUSAF - 2.7GB Download

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843425103 - RHSAFRF -  2.0GB Download

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=843593391 - RHSGREF -  2.65GB Download


ACE (NO MEDICAL) - Not original ACE

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1377912885 - 155MB Download



https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767380317 - 89MB Download





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Operation Antistasi - 1 Arma 3 Campaign 17th October 2020 16:30hrs to 04:30hrs(Next Day) - ZULU Time (UTC) Max 20 Players Large Campaign - 12 & 1/2 Hours Long (Join Whenev

This looks awesome. Wanted to also throw a huge shoutout to @=VG= Sausag3for coordinating this, but more importantly, taking the time to write this awesome explanation of this various aspects of the g

#Squad goals

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3 minutes ago, =VG= keed said:

What are the rules on zeus?


There is absolutely no need for zeus so nobody should be using it, The campaign is good enough in its self that it doesn't need that.

Only exception is when "Arma" happens with vehicles or other things that "Should of not happened"

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1 hour ago, =VG= Sausag3 said:

There is absolutely no need for zeus so nobody should be using it, The campaign is good enough in its self that it doesn't need that.

Only exception is when "Arma" happens with vehicles or other things that "Should of not happened"

Death using Zeus lightning strike... YEP 100% should not happen AGAIN.

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4 hours ago, =VG= keed said:

Sounds great. What's your opinion about ACRE/TFAR?

That is up to you guys, personally I'm happy either with or without. It all depends if you all are willing to go through the headache of installing that TFAR plugin on TS and enabling it, and learning the controls of TFAR if some of you have never used it before. If you guys prefer to use that over standard arma comms, let me know. 

(FYI ACRE is not supported in Antistasi only TFAR)

4 hours ago, =VG= .Blizzard. said:

Death using Zeus lightning strike... YEP 100% should not happen AGAIN.

Lmao we all was like :o when it happened, when you wanna kick NATO out of the island in your Car but god said... no.

3 hours ago, =VG= Fastjack said:

Why not this weekend? :cray:

...... and next time, i will capture the fucking SOC :drag_06:

As I only released this, this morning. This Saturday would not give enough notice to all the players on the forums, As you know some don't check forums literally every day so I moved it to next Saturday to let people have a chance to see it on the forums and prepare before it starts.

Lets hope next you don't have to turn into some sort of super human swimmer and swim for nearly half an hour lol!

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10 hours ago, =VG= Sausag3 said:

Lets hope next you don't have to turn into some sort of super human swimmer and swim for nearly half an hour lol!

I hope well. I was close to get it.


Edit : The link could not be embedded because an error occurred on www.youtube.com.

Can someone tell me who is the the guy in the middle? There are 4 seats (not including the bench seats).

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TFAR will be added to the list of mods required, This WILL require Teamspeak for it to work effectively

For those who have not used it before or need a quick reminder on how to set it up follow this Useful Guide:

Now will be a good time to double check you have all the large mods that are listed on this thread installed for tomorrow, So you don't have to painfully watch others play the event while you wait sucking your thumb downloading the large mods

I will also be recording the event so put your crayon eating war faces on!

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Currently uploading updated RHS mods to the VG Event Server, very large, but very worth it...  (personally, I hate those Arma 3 future puke weapons)

Event Server must remain off until I'm done, I've disabled auto-startup in TCAdmin, so please don't change it. Will post up when done, it will be awhile!

Everyone should make sure you take the time to fire up Steam or whatever to make sure your Arma 3 is updated, as well as any installed mods required for this event.  Again, some being rather large, but WILL be consistently used by VG in Events like this (especially the 16GB's of RHS mods) and so please consider finding permanent space to maintain these mods if you're wanting to get into these more regular VG A3 Events (with mods). 

Same with TFAR -- we discussed it before, ACRE vs TFAR, and for now at least, we are leaning heavily on the side of TFAR so learning how to use this excellent radio mod is essential for any of us participating in these mod events.


*I most likely will not be able to make it, shit so bad lately I may end up back in physical therapy ... so roll them cameras, take some screenies, and maybe even have everyone form up in a line for a group picture near the end of the event for posterity.

old arma group pic, can't remember the clan or event:

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Server is now ONLINE, You are able to join the server before event starts just incase you want to check if you might have any technical difficulties before event.

Pre Event the server will play the "PRE EVENT" map which is just a shooting range to enable you to test out RHS or other weapons available

Password for Server (VG DEV SERVER): antiballs

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