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Dedicated DCS Open Beta Server

=VG= keed

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I am wondering if we could host a dedicated DCS server. There is a number of PVE missions available online.

Is it possible? I fear that the hardware specs might be off-putting: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/de/downloads/world/server_beta/

More info on the setup: https://www.serveracademy.com/tutorials/how-to-host-a-dcs-server-full-step-by-step-guide/

Thanks for your input guys!

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I have not yet seen a dedicated server that had files requiring over 50GB of SSD space.  That is just ridiculous.  We do not have 52GB of free SSD space at this time to dedicate to this server, it would wipe out all our overhead used for various mods, large crash dumps, and other things that *could* need some space to work (even if deleted later).  Another small concern is that they list a "integrated graphics card", often this term refers to an IGP on CPU, we have the i7 7700 (Intel Skylake) which has the Intel® HD Graphics 630 integrated graphics processor -- if that is what DCS means by that term, then we do have that requirement covered.  We have 64GB of RAM, and barely touch it, so we're covered for any mission even if it takes up to 16GB of RAM.

Our Server Host (Hetzner) offers a few complete server packages for rent, our current setup is a few years old now, and I've been considering upgrading this summer.  It's not just a matter of asking them to toss in another hard drive / SSD - servers work in those packages, so if any change was made, it would be most cost effective and beneficial to move up to entirely new hardware (Skylake being 3 generations old now).  When that happens, the major drawback that we deal with now, low SSD space, will be eliminated.  When we got the current server, SSD's were just coming into mainstream, and the price per GB was much larger than it is now.  We will likely be able to have a 1TB SSD or greater, as opposed to our current 238GB SSD which has to hold between 8 - 10 servers that we currently enjoy at VG (some don't stay online all the time, but are used for events, work, dev, etc.).

TLDNR;   This sounds cool, and I'd love to do it!  I'm a big fan of DCS Warthog, need to get back in that piggly pit ... BUT we can't do it yet, we don't have the SSD space by a large margin.  We'll be upgrading the VG Dedicated Server as early as this summer but I can't pin down any ETA to early/mid/late summer presently as this will involve myself and other members of the VG Tech Team and some of those folks are swamped at work due to COVID 

*also on the back burner due to COVID is our website update, which will come as soon as our Webmaster =VG= SolarFlame gets more time to breath -- people such as Solar who work in the IT field 10+ hours a day are super busy IRL, and barely have time to relax after work, hard to crack the whip and push forward when we know people are struggling.  VG shouldn't be work, it's what we do AFTER work to have fun, and we enjoy the challenge of making it look good and work well, but it's currently functional and we can survive a little longer in the older version.

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We will definitely upgrade  -- at this point, it's not so much a matter of costs, or even the downtime to transfer servers, but the fact that I will need the full support of other members of the VG Tech Team, including Ciro and SolarFlame, and possibly even SavageCDN.  All three of those people have careers in IT, and I have had very few chats with them since this COVID shit got crazy.  Most of the employees at their various companies are homebound, and it has added tons of work to those IT guys who support them.

We gotta be patient with our brothers, trust that we will get this done ASAMFP.  Also, as a bonus, by waiting just a month or few, with the new Intel 10 series processors that have released, we may have an opportunity to access the very latest CPU technology rather than settling again for a 'few generations old' CPU.  Hetzner will likely build new servers for offer using these newest Intel CPU's, and timing it right, we may be able to see some serious tech upgrade with our next server migration.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding!  Gotta report that aside from the lack of SSD space, our server is extremely powerful, ridiculously stable, and fast as fuck.  Even folks from Australia (those with fiber internet, that is) are able to connect with few lag issues or otherwise, all the way to our dedicated server located in Germany.  While it may not seem like a 'central' location, it actually is perfect for our international crowd.  Not many gaming communities do as well as we do server-side.  It's enough to be proud of our choices.  Tells me we are doing the right thing.  And we'll do it again when we upgrade this summer.

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