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Happy to answer any questions or listen to any suggestions for my AVCS profiles for VoiceAttack!  I am available most days to chat directly in the VG Discord AVCS Support Channel, too.

If you have AVCS CORE or any AVCS4 Profile powered by AVCS CORE, you can use the command, "Open Help and Support Menu" for helpful links like the one below:
Discord channel link https://discord.gg/ySj56J9

Feel free to create new topics or to reply to this one.  Cheers!  :drinks: 

If you run VA as Admin and hate the UAC Confirmation Prompt pop-up, check out this method I tossed together to use a Windows Task and compiled PS1 to bypass UAS when launching VA as Admin:

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Error when loading AVCS4 profile. Hi Semler, I both (just 10 dollar) and installed Voiceattack, downloaded and imported in Voiceattack the AVCS4 profile for Falcon BMS. So far all went smoot

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Error when loading AVCS4 profile.

Hi Semler,

I both (just 10 dollar) and installed Voiceattack, downloaded and imported in Voiceattack the AVCS4 profile for Falcon BMS. So far all went smoothly, but when I want to use the AVCS4 BMS profile I get an error.

First the program jumps back to 'My Profile' profile and a message pops-up  that says: 'Please switch to the AVCS CORE profile to complete AVCS4 BMS Profile installation' (see added picture). I can't find that 'AVCS CORE' profile.....? Can you help me out to solve this issue, please? Thanks in advance 🙂 

I also made a YT-video of this error... Voiceattack and AVCS4 for BMS profile error - YouTube

BTW, just a remark; I clicked on the Discord link in your post above, but a new discord window popsup saying: 'invalid request' (see added picture)


Voieattack profile error.jpg



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Thanks for the heads up on the Discord link -- I know exactly what that is, I didn't change it over when I did this website overhaul these past couple weeks.  I'll fix it when I'm done replying here.

I need to work on better promotional info and such, the failing here is mine:  AVCS4 BMS is powered by AVCS CORE Framework profile for VoiceAttack.  This CORE Profile brings common functionality to AVCS4 BMS (and subsequently many other games/sims I plan to create VoiceAttack profiles for).

You need to download and import the latest version of AVCS CORE, too, in order for AVCS4 BMS to initialize.  That is what that warning is all about. Both of these profiles are in a beta test version, and while most everything works, many things will change soon.

*Also, AFAIK, you are from a region that expresses Pi as "3,14" correct?  (As opposed to my regions "3.14")  If this is the case, I wanted to caution you about a known issue that is fixed for the next version, but not yet fixed for these downloads here.  I had attempted many times in previous releases, yet it still was not resolved.  Now that I have a proven method that I know will work, I plan to have this "fix" for handling international decimal separators as early as next weekend, perhaps sooner (Feb. 21st)

Hotfix has been posted, though I know you are brand new to VoiceAttack and likely are not interested in editing the profile and getting your hands dirty there - but if you are, a temporary solution to this decimal issue for folks who use "," is located under the reply to Judy:

If your country uses a "." period/full stop for decimal separators, you can disregard this note of caution, just download and import AVCS CORE (latest version) and enjoy!  Refer to the Command Reference Picture on the right margin of the AVCS Homepage

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