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COD MW free day 3/10

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PR is free for ever 

Looks like good fun for the whole family  : ) free to : ) i'm hooked on PR....... but if it dies,, i'm in  : )       

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Pretty sure it is only the battle royale gamemode that is free as they decided to bring it out as its own new standalone game for some reason.

1 hour ago, =VG= Fastjack said:


There exist COD mods,


Not for COD MW as far as im aware but the older CODs did have moding capability.

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3 minutes ago, zero_tolerance_s said:

Activision ingame code is required.

OK im leaving on the shelf until its had its guts MOD hacked opensource style 


15 hours ago, =VG= keed said:

PR is free for ever :17:

Damm right  : ) PR until death do us part   : ) hahaah 




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COD in any form is fun for a while. I just cant do it for long periods like PR or Arma, BMS, etc... I keep saying if you've got cod mobile join the VG clan. It's kinda fun really, but I  can only do a couple games at a time. I like killing zombies tho! That shit gets my heart pumping lol. Blud

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