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Reducing startup time (login time) Project Reality

=VG= Fastjack

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Hey mates,

finally, i found a solution for long startup times for Project Reality.

Inside of ur Profile folder "documents/BF2/your profile/0001" is a con file called "General".
Open the "General" con file and u will find some lines with "favorite server".
Deleting this lines, will boost ur logintime of pr because bf2 don't will check anymore ur favorite servers in this con file.
To many favorite server entries causing long startup times for PR and maybe for other BF2 mods too.

I did it and i reduced my login time from 1minute to 3 seconds. That is a good deal.

For those ones, they didn't knew it before.

Greetz Fastjack

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There is also a way to auto login, i even made a batch file that runs both mumble and PR and logs me in to both. I'll post it here when i get home


Ok, here's the batch file:
@echo off<br />set MUMBLE_NAME=<br />set BF2_NAME=<br />set BF2_PASS=<br />start /d "%programfiles%\PR Mumble\" pr_mumble.exe mumble://%MUMBLE_NAME%@mumble.realitymod.com:64739/?version=1.2.0 -m<br />start /d "%programfiles%\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\pr\" pr.exe +playerName %BF2_NAME% +playerPassword %BF2_PASS%

Just change the variables to your mumble name, bf2 name and password and save it as a .bat file using any text editor such as notepad or wordpad. (NOTE: The BF2 name must be without the prefix and the mumble name must be without spaces.)

Here's an example of how the .bat file will look when you have edited it:

@echo off<br />set MUMBLE_NAME=CCCode<br />set BF2_NAME=CCCode<br />set BF2_PASS=thisisafakepasswordlolz<br />start /d "%programfiles%\PR Mumble\" pr_mumble.exe mumble://%MUMBLE_NAME%@mumble.realitymod.com:64739/?version=1.2.0 -m<br />start /d "%programfiles%\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\pr\" pr.exe +playerName %BF2_NAME% +playerPassword %BF2_PASS%

If you want to chnage your ingame tag (or prefix) you can do that in the file "My Documents\Battlefield2\Profiles\Global.con"

Also, if you don't use mumble you can remove the first "start" line and the "set MUMBLE_NAME=" line. Oh and since this logs you in before anything appears on the screen, you'll be staring at a black screen until you're logged in. So don't worry it's normal lol

Hope it helps ;)
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does that work for the current version 0.973 and mumble?
i had to change some directories and filenames for it to work:

@echo off<br />set MUMBLE_NAME=PvtPirate<br />set BF2_NAME=Pvt_Pirate<br />set BF2_PASS=myfakepassword<br />start /d "I:\Programme\Mumble(PR Edition)" PRmumble(0.5beta).exe mumble://%MUMBLE_NAME%@mumble.realitymod.com:64739/?version=1.2.0 -m<br />start /d "I:\Spiele\Battlefield 2\mods\pr\" pr.exe +playerName %BF2_NAME% +playerPassword %BF2_PASS%
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