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Project Reality Speedruns!

=VG= Alaura

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On 11/16/2021 at 4:55 AM, Zeee said:

i hope speedruns dont become a thing

We used to have Muttrah STD as the starting map and rarely changed it as changing maps used to be considered buggy and was only done is select cases. Bro, we had that layer down to swiss clockwork precision. Inf only set foot upon t-shape rooftops while pre-capping flags and CAS cleared the AA in the beginning in a matter of a few minutes. TRANS was really reliable back then which sped up the process.

We only did it to finish that awful layer asap lol.  

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I'd like to see a planned speed run on any of our more difficult maps. 
When I say planned, I really mean planned in that the team formulates an attack plan in TS before we venture on to the battle field. Maybe get Melon involved to "crank up" difficulty, change spawn points so we don;t know where they are, even lay un-marked enemy mines/IED's. 
Then lets see how fast we can do it! 

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