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Interest in a Falcon 4.0 BMS event

=VG= Kavelenko

Falcon 4.0 BMS 4.35.2 - EVENT  

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  1. 1. Are you interested in playing an EVENT in Falcon 4.0 BMS?

    • Absolulely!
    • No thanks
  2. 2. Have you played Falcon BMS before?

    • Yes
    • No
  3. 3. How much experience do you have with Falcon 4.0 BMS?

    • I play regularly, and know enough to join a flight
    • I've played BMS before but a bit rusty
    • I can do the basics fairly well but not good at A-A, or A-G tactics
    • I'm a complete noob but willing to learn if someone will teach me
    • What's Falcon 4.0 BMS?

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This thread is to gauge the interest in creating a Falcon 4.0 BMS event on the VG server. It will be open to anyone but highly recommended that you know how to fly the F-16, this is not an event where you will get instructions on how to ramp start a jet or the basics of navigating to the target area. If you are a complete novice to this flight-sim it might be a good idea to practice the basics: take off, follow basic navigation, and land.

Ok so I'm putting this invitation out there for those players who already think they know a thing or two about flying jets, eg. DCS, War Thunder, PR, Falcon 4.0 Allied Force, BMS, whatever.

Falcon 4.0 the original was launched in 1988 so its a pretty old game but still available from Steam for A$9.95, you'll need to install that base game first and then install the mods from the Benchmark Sims site, the system requirements are here : https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/content.php?132

The latest version of Falcon 4.0 BMS 5.35.2 - which is FREE -  can be found here: https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?42376-Falcon-BMS-4-35-U2-Incremental-Installer

Please indicate via the poll if you are interested and what your skill level is.

Cheers =VG= Kavelenko

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I would love to play BMS again, but I'm currently stuck because the profile I use changed with the updates and I can no longer slew my cursor in the MFD's. I've tried everything, but I can't figure it out. I use x52 pro HOTAS, if anyone knows of any good profiles please lemme know. 


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Hi @=VG= BLuDKLoT,

I'm pretty sure old profiles in BMS won't work with this update, you've got to start from scratch, cant remember when that happened but I had a similar problem when my keyfile became virtually useless.

You could try the default set up for the X52 Pro stick, there's one in the Docs folder:

What I did in the end was install the Alternative Launcher found here:

I swear by that program for changing or setting my Warthog configuration, its the easiest way to get going again IMO.

Let me know when you're available and I'll go through it with you on Discord or TS if you want.

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The Alternative Launcher is handy once installed but it does override any keyfile that you have set, I just use the BMS - Full profile and adjust whatever key mappings I want in the HOTAS columns, you can see the default keyboard short cuts here as well. The cursor directions I set in the avionics panel via the setup page in BMS but you could do it here if for some reason the program was not detecting your throttle controller.

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I'm sure my Falconeer X52 Pro profile still works, it was developed for this version and is close to a 1:1 match for the proper pilot's HOTAS plus some extras for the sim.

Happy to help whenever.  I've also not had time for this spending too much on VG management/development and not enough on VG servers, and only got myself to blame.  I feel bad that I keep saying 'soon' and things keep coming up - the kid in me is screaming for a chance at the helm, rest assured.  I can't hold him off forever 😜

I'm looking forward to any BMS event here - I'll force myself to join even if I'm just 'winging it', certainly not ready to be a flight lead again anytime soon. :drinks: 

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Ok, the BMS challenge of the week is to sink the Russian Carrier the Kuznetsov. We'll be flying this mission as a drill this weekend. If you are not familiar with using AGM-84A Harpoons, complete Mission 20 in the BMS Manual before attempting it, that Carrier is bad ass!



Extract the following Training Engagement files to your BMS directory at:  ..\Falcon BMS 4.35\Data\Campaign


Victory conditions
Complete Destruction of the Kuznetsov and/or
Complete Destruction of the Task Force

Screenshots or video.

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