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VG Server(s) Players: Do you Squad Lead?

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VG Server(s) Players: Do you Squad Lead?  

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  1. 1. How often do you prefer to Squad Lead?

    • I'm always leading a Squad, unless there is no room for more
    • I usually lead but choose not to at times even when I could
    • I lead when it is needed, but sometimes would prefer not to
    • I lead only when no one else will, but I can get the job done well (mostly)
    • I would like to lead, but when I do, I sometimes feel under-experienced
    • I prefer not to lead, but can (mostly), though I usually want to hand it off if someone offers
    • I don't lead squads, strongly prefer other roles (only leading if there is no one else)
  2. 2. What is your self-confidence level in Squad Leading?

    • I feel I know most everything there is to know (most all categories/types of squads), could teach others easily if needed
    • I know most everything, about at least one category (Infantry, CAS, TRANS, Armor, APC, MechInf, etc.)
    • I know a lot about at least one category/type of squad, and feel confident to learn whatever is left in time
    • I know most things about leading one category/type of squad, but it doesn't translate to EVERY map (yet)
    • I know the key important things, but not all, and happy to keep playing as I learn more at this time
    • I know some things, but I don't feel completely confident in action, just need more experience
    • I feel frequently lost and things take extra time to accomplish despite my best efforts, not my best in-game role (yet)

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This is a poll for VG Clan Members (and now VG Army Club Officers) to identify those among us Arma, BMS, and PR COOP Players who constantly or consistently take on the Squad Leader roles (whether infantry, air, vehicular, etc.) on our servers.  Pick the one which best describes your current level of involvement and participation in Squad Leader roles, as well as your self-confidence at this time.  I wanted to get started on this a lot sooner this year, but time is my constant enemy and sometimes I gotta put down the "work" stuff for a bit myself, or face real burn out ;)


This is a precursor to the VG Leadership and Club Wings program we are developing (demo shown for some time now under BLuD and my name in forum posts, "VG CLUB RANKS").  We want to start off by handing out those various Wings designations where appropriate to current VG Clan Members (particularly those who play PR COOP, Arma, and BMS... the servers we currently host) and then move on to our current Officer ranks with a similar poll, just to catch any 'already leader' leaders and fit them into the appropriate level of Wings to start.

After that, we open the program to nominations and peer evaluations (and open public applications from existing VG Clan or Club members).  Since this part of progression is actually skill based, it is an opportunity to both recognize AND teach through evaluation events perhaps, or regular Leadership Program Events which guide players into better habits and established SOP's that work well in these games.


So, let's start it off... Do you Squad Lead?  Who much/often?  (And is it something you enjoy, or only do for lack of another volunteer to take up the task?)  be honest!

We need our experienced AND less-than experienced (but learning) Squad Leaders to be known, and fit into designations that recognize the various preferences we all have towards Squad Leading (or not).



*NOTE: this is a great time to join the VG Army if you have not already... no serious announcement has ever been made, no worries, but technically, we all should be a member of (at least) the VG Army or VG Air Force moving forward (though I know we do not have any BMS-only VG Clan Members at this time, the entire system was designed to allow that 'alternate' route for that sim whose players don't always play other games here)

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This poll is now open to all VG Army Club Officers and Jr. Officers group members.  Please be honest, answers are on your own honor, we want to identify those who are just starting to get into leadership in this game as well as those who spend most of their time for months (or even years) in leadership roles in VG PR COOP, Arma 3, and/or BMS at VG.


This will remain open for some time, hoping to flesh out and solidify this new Leadership Wings program before the end of Quarter 4 of 2021 (Oct-Dec).  There is much to do, and all of this will be part of an automated Ribbons/Medals/Wings plugin I will develop for this IPS website system, but that project has been put off so far for 8 months that I've been doing it all manually (adding donation pins, group ribbons for Enlisted/Jr. Officer/Officer, etc.) and trust me when I say it's getting old fast... I just can't find the time (yet) I need to develop this IPS plugin and all the ones I see for sale SUCK HOT ASS so VG will be designing our own very awesome plugin specifically for the VG Community and our specific needs (not only because I don't want to pay someone for a half-assed medals system when I can design one myself if I can find a week or few to fit it in my schedule, like the VG Wiki).


 :hi:  Thank you all for being part of this thing we are continuing to build up!!  So many great things in store for the future, some only teased so far, and we're happy you all are here for the journey!  Looking forward to more regular gaming events for all our servers from PR through BMS, as well as regularly scheduled training operations events once we can get a structure and system in place for them (including modified maps/missions/TE's tailored just for us).


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