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Creator Stage =VG=


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Upload and show off your creations! It can be absolutely anything: Videos, Art, Songs, Mods etc...

Here, I'll start: My Youtube Channel, I upload few videos here, trying to upload more and grow a bigger audience!
My most viewed video is currently at 1,218,615 views and it's below! (totally milked Battlefield 2042 hype).

Since we have a channel like this in our Discord Server, I thought it would be nice to have it here too, for our non-discord users!

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I look forward to DMCA'ing 'THEEE' clip if it ever surfaces 😉


Now do the RENDEZOOK In PR... And you'll get to a 100k in no time, g'luck bud

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10 hours ago, =VG= Fastjack said:

Not possible in PR because Pilot kit lacks on RPG.

rcon debug/oneman, fly with a HAT kit, impractical, but still not IMpossible 🙃

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