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So, today...


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this is an invasion! Porn aliens spotted in washington:




are you sure that there is no reflection on the glass? I find the shift in the end very unnatural and it looks like something else is also reflected in the glass...all stripes move in perspective to the left when the mobile is moved. that looks weird, as if the distance of the objects wasn't right...



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22 minutes ago, =VG= Kavelenko said:

Pretty sure its a message to Melon, I translated it and it reads "PR sucks!".

But then I saw this. rofl.


Video was taken from inside a car and that is a reflection on the windscreen.

Pulse Jet?

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Sporadic contrails. Ambient Air temperatures, wind velocity, barometric pressures, and several other factors contribute to this phenomenon. It's why they're spread out like morse.


Used to see this a lot when I lived in San Diego. I was only 10 miles from MCAS Miramar. Huge Air Base. They flew training sorties daily, C-17's, Hornets, Blackhawks escorted by 4 Apaches, Ospreys, etc. This kind of trailing was a very common sight.

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