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When i enter to play LR in Veterans Gaming theres always a delay when i kill the AI and the animations of dying is like delayed. / Also I am with i3-8100 3.6 GHz processor and with 1060 3 GB card and play with 50 fps . All I want is help! Thank you!

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why what?


I would still do a ping test. the game doesn't show you any timeouts ...

you will only find out what else it could be if you try out various things and answer questions... as I said: you have to find the bottleneck and that can be everywhere. from a busy cpu to wi-fi to your new 9ms something router...

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What exactly do you mean by "there is a delay"?
It takes 2 shots with most small caliber weapons to kill an enemy.
Do you experience stutters or does it lag for you in any other animation (from other players, to switching your weapons, crate drops, etc)?
Does this happen to you on other servers?
My bet is on the wifi if your ping is as good as you say it is.

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It's all about latency.  WiFi doesn't have the speed you need to eliminate such visible delays

It's not about ping, upload speed or download speed in this instance.

Apologies, not at all sure what you mean by "5G" unless you mean 5GHz - most home WiFi is 2.4GHz, some have a 5GHz option for tablets... but unless your smartphone is your internet connection, "5G" is not quite applicable to gaming over WiFi


As it was already stated, the best performance for PC gaming can only be had with a wired connection.

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4 hours ago, =VG= Nyther said:

Usually when I shoot and it takes 2 seconds for my target to die is because:
a) My target is too far
b) My target is not dead yet
c) I missed my target and someone else got it 2 seconds later

8 hours ago, =VG= 0100011000101 said:


Im shooting it but its dying delayed like not realistic even if i am 10m away from the target

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10 hours ago, ItzLuckman said:

Im shooting it but its dying delayed like not realistic even if i am 10m away from the target

You're not the first, nor the last, to complain about a bot not dying when you're shooting them accurately, and you can even see the blood flying. A lot of us experience this, despite our connection quality. It's always fun to dump 50 rounds of .50 cal into a bot, turn them into a blood fountain, only for them to ignore it completely, whip around and RPG your vehicle. All I can say is to learn to compensate for it like the rest of us.

Welcome to PR.

We have Terminator bots!

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^^ This.

I'm also not sure what you mean with delay? I know, that you see some hit registartions like dusk puffs or blood clouds but you didnt hit the hitreg.

Here a small hind.

BF2 Hitbox is a little bit behind the soldier model and not like in CounterStrike in front of the soldier model. So when you play deployment and shoot someone and he is close to escape by the next corner .... Continoue shooting -- you will kill.



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