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Re: Air Museum Pics with Tankmaster and Airbats (Holiday/Vacation) Posted on 12 Sep : 23:36
Very cool man
Re: PR 1.3 torrent file (Cooperative) Posted on 31 May : 02:42
Can we get your speedest?
Re: PR 1.3 torrent file (Cooperative) Posted on 30 May : 06:01
Put this in your browser search bar

Re: SQUAD Kickstarter (Gaming News) Posted on 28 May : 14:09
Yeah, they are planning to include everything from that list. As they say, more money will allow them to make it faster.
Re: Marriner Intro (Introductions) Posted on 28 May : 03:45
Welcome man
Re: Vlads little introduction (Introductions) Posted on 28 May : 03:44
Thread: SQUAD Kickstarter (Gaming News) Posted on 27 May : 07:16

Hey, maybe it will be good. Looks good so far. It probably won't have coop tho.
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Re: PR VG co-op server squad (Introductions) Posted on 29 Apr : 15:44
Welcome man
Re: 1004: Error connecting to server. (10060) Project Reality Server Problems ? (PR ) Posted on 30 Mar : 21:55
Holy shit it's Bozzz himself in the flesh.
Re: Hello gents ;) (Introductions) Posted on 17 Mar : 06:30
Hey man, welcome.
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