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Thread: PR ADMINS BAN REPORTS (PR) Posted on 14 Jan : 12:32
Please post your reports in this thread. Use Pyangster95's great post as a template.
This thread is not for discussions, please keep it short, simple and informative.

About posting in ban appeal threads.
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Thank you.
Re: [poll] Server rules displayed on screen in game (General Forum ) Posted on 14 Jan : 06:55
If it's possible to set in PR, rules should be on the splash screen before the round, if retards can't read, they deserve ban.
Re: [TR]-Enes banned for accident (PR) Posted on 04 Dec : 03:56
Re: Arma 3 Campaign (Arma III) Posted on 30 Oct : 14:30
Fixed your link
Re: SQUAD!!! (General Forum ) Posted on 15 Oct : 11:25
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Re: Project Reality 2 (SQUAD) (other Other Games) Posted on 12 Oct : 02:45
Nice. Thanks Wolf.
Re: DCS: MiG-21bis (dcs DCS: Series) Posted on 18 Sep : 03:20
Oh yeah, i'm interested in this.
Re: What's happening? (Introductions) Posted on 14 Sep : 01:25
Welcome Kalm4h Good to have you.
Re: Why cant I see threads here? (Pilots Lounge) Posted on 02 Sep : 05:32
No, it's the forum issue.
Re: New internet speeds (Off Topic) Posted on 28 Aug : 04:25
Gotta go fast
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