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Re: My Personal Minecraft Survival World: Screensots (MinecraftMinecraft) Posted on 18 Feb : 13:12
Hey bro. That's one comfy castle.
Re: Dying Light (other Other Games) Posted on 08 Feb : 12:40
Here is the great article on current GPUs.
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If was buying i would get GTX 760 or 770.
About compatibility with other parts, you need someone like Semler, Poff or Savage. It always confuses me.
But i know that If you buy something like 970 or 980 you will probably have to change most of your current rig. They are huge, require a lot of voltage and you will need high end CPU that won't bottleneck your giant videocard.
Sites that sell hardware usually have compatibility calculators, you could use those.
Re: Dying Light (other Other Games) Posted on 07 Feb : 08:22
Yeah, but there's no reason to upgrade unless you wanna play in shoddy optimized garbage. Games like Dying Light and Assassin's Creed Unity will work like shit on almost any system. Not because your computer is weak, but because of lazy developers who are in bed with Nvidia, and they are forcing you to buy new shit every 5 months.

But at the same time, if you don't upgrade, you won't be able to play in most new major games with high framerate.
It's a lose-lose situation.

Blud, what is your budget?
Re: Dying Light (other Other Games) Posted on 07 Feb : 00:38
Don't forget that GTX 970 doesn't really have 4 gb of VRAM.

"Due to limitations of the cut-down GM204 graphics processor used on the model GTX 970, only 3.5GB of memory can be accessed with maximum bandwidth, whereas 512MB pool can be accessed at considerably lower speed, which results in performance degradations in certain cases."

And yes, nvidia lied about this.
Re: Dying Light (other Other Games) Posted on 06 Feb : 00:27
It's not a very well made game, and it's performance is worse on AMD gpus.

Thread: PR ADMINS BAN REPORTS (PR) Posted on 14 Jan : 12:32
Please post your reports in this thread. Use Pyangster95's great post as a template.
This thread is not for discussions, please keep it short, simple and informative.

About posting in ban appeal threads.
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Thank you.
Re: [poll] Server rules displayed on screen in game (General Forum ) Posted on 14 Jan : 06:55
If it's possible to set in PR, rules should be on the splash screen before the round, if retards can't read, they deserve ban.
Re: [TR]-Enes banned for accident (PR) Posted on 04 Dec : 03:56
Re: Arma 3 Campaign (Arma III) Posted on 30 Oct : 14:30
Fixed your link
Re: SQUAD!!! (General Forum ) Posted on 15 Oct : 11:25
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