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Re: Dying Light (other Other Games) Posted on 05 Feb : 21:58
just a headsup dying light doesnt run really smoothly on my gtx 970 its a bad pc port by the looks of it.
Re: Elite Dangerous (other Other Games) Posted on 24 Dec : 11:25
all the way from small to capital, but sadly you cant fly the capital ships :(
Re: Arma 3 - SHAPE Campaign (Arma III) Posted on 30 Oct : 08:52
il join on sunday
Re: Notice to Project Reality admins. (Cooperative) Posted on 19 Oct : 11:10
atleats the names are creative
Re: Arma 3 Alive Natofor (Arma III) Posted on 10 Oct : 11:13
servers up and running
Thread: Arma 3 Alive Natofor (Arma III) Posted on 09 Oct : 12:42
Would like to test this mission on friday or saturday with a few people to see how it runs and how everyone likes it
[ Click Here ]
mods needed
All In Arma
Task force radio


Thread: Hardware upgrade (PC) Posted on 04 Oct : 13:24
Currently looking at a new gpu and a ssd
gpu: [ Click Here ] this [ Click Here ]
ssd: [ Click Here ] or this [ Click Here ]
what do you guys think?
suggestions are welcome :P
Re: #ARMA3 Squad XML files? (Arma Arma: Series ) Posted on 15 Sep : 13:01
ciro should have a working VG arma 3 squad xml, you should ask him.
Re: New internet speeds (Off Topic) Posted on 31 Aug : 11:40
enough for me

apparently they updated their fastest internet :D
Re: New music thread i cant find the old one. (Music) Posted on 21 Aug : 10:03

estonian stuff :D

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