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Re: [Beta Test Mission] Operation Guardian 12-28 (Arma III) Posted on 24 Dec : 12:56
Coping with the MODS now, so I should be available at that time.
Re: [Beta Test Mission] Operation Guardian 12-28 (Arma III) Posted on 24 Dec : 07:06
ARMA3 Mods??? oh great, hadn't done any mods for it but I guess I can try to figure out how to set it up.

Is there going to be a temp server up to insure those of us who are unfamiliar can make sure we can connect? Hate being one of those who can't connect at the last minute over a mod that is missing.

Usual time? well I have been away to long to know that
Re: Early Christmas Wishes (Everything Else ) Posted on 24 Dec : 06:00
Merry Christmas Everyone

[If you are out drinking, get someone else to drive as the police will more than likely be out in force through New Years Day]
Re: VG Game/Drink/Fun night on the 27th April (Off Topic) Posted on 18 Apr : 15:52
SemlerPDX =VG= wrote ...

then you don't know how to play.
10oz. of liquor in under one hour? for several hours?
getting drunk once in awhile is one thing, son, but fighting alcohol poisoning like it's a game is nothing to be proud of...

I was proud of drinking to that level but that 20 years ago, now just like to get a nice buzz going once in a while.
Re: Revealed: Hundreds of words to avoid using online if you don't want the government spying on you! (Off Topic) Posted on 29 May : 06:13
To me it looks like standard smoke screen. As you look at that list you see words you expect them to be looking for. Then the rest are just those types of word that you go between "ok maybe" and "are you kidding."

To keep people from really knowing you give them way much more than the expect. Let the people worry about which ones are really watch words.
Re: ACRE help (Arma II) Posted on 26 May : 07:22
Might go into where the ACRE is installed and delete it, then make sure you empty trash. This will cause a sixupdater to do a fresh install of it as it might just be a corrupt install.
Re: ACRE help (Arma II) Posted on 25 May : 20:28
if you are on TS if you right click on Semler and send him a poke letting him know you are having TS/ACRE issues then he might be able to help.
Re: Newbie here (Introductions) Posted on 21 May : 15:26
Welcome to the site.
Re: Arma Session Signup - 19/5/12 (Arma II) Posted on 19 May : 12:21
Going to go to MicroSlob and knock some heads together. Hate having to reinstall cause corrupt login file.

Looks like I won't make it
Re: Arma Session Signup - 19/5/12 (Arma II) Posted on 17 May : 08:03
Put me down for this one.
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