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Re: VOID Virtual Reality Centers - Some day soon (Computers / Technology) Posted on 12 May : 10:19
sick. people are gunna die in those things, wait and see.
Re: InsurgenZ in Insurgency (Gameplay Footage) (other Other Games) Posted on 11 May : 12:34
Nice vids man. I havent played it yet.
Re: BF2142 Reclamation Mod (New Multiplayer Servers) (battlefield Battlefield 2142) Posted on 11 May : 12:26
sweet! If I can jus get away from gtav lol
Re: Veterans Fire Corp fund raising attempt (Everything Else ) Posted on 07 May : 09:44
Good luck bro, hope things work out for you. Blud.
Re: Wassup (Introductions) Posted on 30 Apr : 09:06
Sup man, thanks for joining. If you're anything like our current Aussie pals you'll fit right in. Welcome to VG bro! Blud
Re: PR VG co-op server squad (Introductions) Posted on 29 Apr : 11:46
sup whiskey thanks for the love. Just hang out man get to know the clan members and see what happens. Blud
Re: PR rant (Cooperative) Posted on 24 Apr : 11:48
Admins should be setting the example, if I get a name of an admin acting like a fucking retard they're done helping in our servers. Admins don't be dicks!
Re: Scramble!! (Pilots Lounge) Posted on 18 Apr : 10:37
If you just attach pics like you do in email, they get thumbnailed and can click to re size. I like that way better myself. We're gunna have to catch a flight together TAC

Re: Squad: The new tactical shooter (Gaming News) Posted on 18 Apr : 10:29
watched some dude streaming the alpha, looks ok, but a shit load of walking to get anywhere lol
Re: [poll] Falcon 4 BMS - resurrection (Pilots Lounge) Posted on 05 Apr : 12:32
Hey is that SS from
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