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Re: Still no access here...help please. (Pilots Lounge) Posted on 29 Mar : 11:38
lol mower
Re: Still no access here...help please. (Pilots Lounge) Posted on 27 Mar : 12:46
sorry man wish I could do something about it but not sure whats broke. i see everything fine it's a bug. Hoping to get a new site but it's not as easy as you'd think.
Re: Attack on Muttrah (Brags) Posted on 17 Mar : 12:36
Re: Hello again (Introductions) Posted on 17 Mar : 12:35
Welcome aboard man!
Re: Hello gents ;) (Introductions) Posted on 17 Mar : 12:35
Sup! Thanks for joining the site man. Rock on. Blud
Re: Had an issue yesterday on this server (PR) Posted on 10 Mar : 10:39
You werent doing anything wrong that guy was the turd. You can laze as much as you want. If you !r and nothig happens, admins didnt' see it. Keep doing it or contact them in game voip to report issues. I woulda kicked that fool!
Re: Falcon 4.0 Allied Force Servers (Multiplayer) Posted on 02 Mar : 12:28
just need to get it installed on the server I guess. I'ts been a while, I forgot if it was like BMS lol
Re: ShaockgunPL - I was banned for unknown reason. (PR) Posted on 26 Feb : 11:40
Re: Dying Light (other Other Games) Posted on 16 Feb : 09:55
1200 watts
Re: Stark58 (PR) Posted on 16 Feb : 09:53
Wait for the admin to reply, but this sounds a bit lame if true.
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