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Re: battlefield 2 install from disk (Games) Posted on 24 Jan : 13:00
I'd delete everything BF2/PR and start from scratch. Sounds like a bad install. Maybe Melon can add someting to help out. Try to PM him.
Re: Falcon BMS (Pilots Lounge) Posted on 24 Jan : 10:26
thx sem
Re: Unban request (PR) Posted on 22 Jan : 09:55
Who banned this guy?
Re: Apply for Admin at VG PR CO OP server (Introductions) Posted on 14 Jan : 13:16
I don't know you that well but who can vouch for this dude?
Re: [poll] Server rules displayed on screen in game (General Forum ) Posted on 14 Jan : 13:15
we used to have them but the server has been reinstalled so many installed so many times that I just gave up setting it all up again. Every time I do the server seems to get a do-over lol.
Re: Application for Admin at VG PR CO OP server. (Introductions) Posted on 05 Jan : 11:52
ok with me
Re: [FR] CLAN SEEKING FOR REVENGE (PR) Posted on 29 Dec : 14:58
Re: [PR]JeZz doing massive tk before round ends for more than 10 minutes (PR) Posted on 23 Dec : 13:15
thanks for the report man.
Re: PR- Play RedSide ? (Suggestions) Posted on 22 Dec : 11:08
Aren't there maps where we get reversed? This is fun in short bursts. People get bored tho with the lack of toys lol.
Re: Arma 3 Server #1 - port 2402 (Arma III) Posted on 10 Dec : 11:23
sweet. And Im totally lost with this ALIVE stuff, looks cool tho. I hate myself.
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