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Re: I'm Alm1r the "one man army" (Introductions) Posted on 31 Aug : 16:38
sup man welcome aboard. Blud
Re: New to the online gaming community (Games) Posted on 25 Aug : 12:59
Sup man, welcome to VG! See you out there. Blud
Re: Hello everyone! (Introductions) Posted on 25 Aug : 12:58
sup man welcome aboard the site. Blud
Re: 2nd server (Cooperative) Posted on 16 Aug : 11:18
It;s gunna split the population and neither will ever be full
Re: On the Topic of Avatars (General Forum ) Posted on 15 Aug : 11:12
we'll have a new site soon as one of our other members decides hes ready to do it, so until then the rest of us just have to wait.. sorry it'll get better soon
Re: Who is mectus11? (Introductions) Posted on 07 Aug : 12:02
and u make lovely videos. Hey u shud try BMS man u might like it. (F16 Sim) Thanks for the intro man. Blud
Re: Orracis Intro (Introductions) Posted on 30 Jul : 10:20
Sup brother semper fi welcome and thx for the intro OORAH
Re: Teamkilled point blank twice (PR) Posted on 28 Jul : 10:12
he get banned yet?
Re: Insurgency A3 (Scripting/Editing) Posted on 25 Jul : 11:15
wb sem
Re: Insurgency A3 (Scripting/Editing) Posted on 20 Jul : 11:13
A3 server is dead bro not sure wats popular. I never see anyone in our A3 server but I cant really play it till I get new vid card. Its the only game that cripples my pc atm. Sux.
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