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Re: No Admins around = WTF (Cooperative) Posted on 23 Oct : 11:05
read the forum rules don. And thanks for the post!
Re: Hello (Introductions) Posted on 23 Oct : 10:56
Welcome to the site! See you in the servers. Blud
Re: Introduction (Introductions) Posted on 23 Oct : 10:56
Sup don thanks for sharing. Appreciate the support! Cheers. Blud
Re: Project Reality 2 (SQUAD) (other Other Games) Posted on 18 Oct : 13:48
Re: Hello all! (Introductions) Posted on 18 Oct : 13:41
Any pal of Tims is a pal of mine! Welcome to VG man, thanks for the kind words. Blud
Re: A Sort of late introduction... - Yang95 (Introductions) Posted on 17 Oct : 15:13
Welcome aboard guys thanks for the support.
Re: Arma 3 - SHAPE Campaign (Arma III) Posted on 06 Oct : 14:06
Sounds fun, I'll try it but I don't have any of those mods yet. I'll try to be ready for it tho
Re: Razbeary -TK (PR) Posted on 24 Sep : 11:20
Banned for life!
Re: [REQUEST] Applying for an admin (General Forum ) Posted on 23 Sep : 18:31
read the rules plz, make sure you know them. Cheers.
Re: Server Reset (Missions) Posted on 20 Sep : 13:47
has it been reset?
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