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Re: Arma 3 Server #1 - port 2402 (Arma III) Posted on 10 Dec : 11:23
sweet. And Im totally lost with this ALIVE stuff, looks cool tho. I hate myself.
Re: un ban request (PR) Posted on 05 Dec : 13:01
I'm done with this guy, I joined the server yesterday and the first thing I see are his 2 TK's scrolling across my screen. If ppl are complaining then we're done with this. I tried to be fair but you're too much effort. This is over, try to appeal again in 30 days and we'll think about it.
Re: #BMS4 viewer (Servers) Posted on 04 Dec : 17:20
Wish I could help you bro.
Re: #BMS4 viewer (Servers) Posted on 04 Dec : 10:30
Can we make that cali shit work? That's not my forte lol
Re: PR Coop Server Frequently Crashing? (Cooperative) Posted on 04 Dec : 10:28
I've noticed excessive admin commands seem to make it unstable too.
Thread: #BMS4 viewer (Servers) Posted on 29 Nov : 10:17
Hey guys, I'm trying to see if anyone knows how to make a BMS server tracker? Kinda like what we have for gametracker. BMS won't work with GT, so whatever we use it has to be something that we make ourselves. Something simple that just shows the players in the server would be epic. Does anyone know how to make something like this? Cheers. Blud.
Re: BOT SKILL LEVEL (PR ) Posted on 29 Nov : 10:05
Robot isnt going anywhere so relax and get off his nuts. He does allot for PR and this gets annoying I'm sure. Give him a few and he'll be back but I don't like the tone here in some replies.
I played PR yesterday after the change and now must admit, it was ridiculously easy. After playing with the skill level higher, now it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Maybe increase it halfway of what it was and let's try that? You all are taking this shit way too seriously. It's about fun and bromace, don't fuck that up.

And whats up teddy? Hows boot camp going?
Re: BOT SKILL LEVEL (PR ) Posted on 28 Nov : 09:57
If it aint broke dont fix it. Things were fine. More bots is better for me than more skill level. When they shoot pilots from their choppers it's a bit overkill. But I'll go with the majority on this. Maybe a second server with all these changes might be better so people have a choice? Anyway, it's all about fun in the end, let's not lose sight of that. Cheers guys.
Re: BOT SKILL LEVEL (PR ) Posted on 27 Nov : 11:55
I did that before. I don't like the changes they hit me once I'm down. It's crazy. I thought it was fine before the changes.

Re: KCCOjesusaves4180 here (Introductions) Posted on 22 Nov : 14:54
welcome man, thanks. Blud
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