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Re: Hello to Everyone (Introductions) Posted on 02 Apr : 17:33
Sup bro thanks for posting the intro. Im Bludklot. Hope to see you around. Cheers.
Re: Falcon BMS 4.33.1 How to Connect: Online Campaign with IVC Enabled (Falcon Falcon BMS 4) Posted on 21 Jan : 16:35
Nice thread bro
Re: (not so) New guy (Introductions) Posted on 03 Jan : 12:15
Sup man, I've seen you around. Thanks for the intro and welcome! Blud
Re: Disapointed (Complaints / Report Disruptive Players) Posted on 03 Jan : 12:10
This coming from the same guy I heard berate a new join to your squad because he was new and couldn't figure out the mic. I left you squad after that. And who cares if these guys haven't served, they earn respect regardless. Don't come here like a bull in a china shop when I've seen you be the bull. You need to chill, this is supposed to be fun.
Re: Yo Yo Im on a comeback (Introductions) Posted on 28 Dec : 11:16
Damn long time bro, welcome back.
Re: Hello (Introductions) Posted on 27 Dec : 12:43
Welcome back man, thanks for the post. See you out there. Blud
Re: [poll] PR Mini Events (Project Project Reality) Posted on 07 Dec : 22:24
Teddy you can do what you want bro. We appreciate all the hard work you put in to bring this fun to the world. Your event, your rules. I hope to catch the next one, but I haven't even updated yet, lol. Ugh. Thanks for the heads up bro, Blud.
Re: App for clan (General Forum ) Posted on 07 Dec : 22:21
Sup man, ask the member you know best to sponsor you for membership into the clan.
Re: DEER ADMINS (General Forum ) Posted on 22 Nov : 12:32
Ask the member you know best to sponsor u for membership.
Re: Applying for the Clan (General Forum ) Posted on 22 Nov : 12:13
What VG guy do you know best? Ask him to sponsor you for membership. I think it should be fine.
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