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Re: Internet (Help / Tech Support) Posted on 12 Feb : 15:36
I don't have a working phone line already tried DSL. I still have the non working modem lol. Not within range of any hot spots currently and my 4G tethering eats my 15G data plan in a week. Also no wireless ethernet card on PC. Can't go back to cable company until I pay those fags $400. I'll keep trying though but I've already tried everything mentioned. Good looking out tho fellas, Scott.
Thread: Internet (Help / Tech Support) Posted on 09 Feb : 01:52
Hi guys. Anyone know how to get Internet without having to go with satellite or cable? I'm so tired of being away. Any suggestions guys?
Re: Training Request!! (Scheduling) Posted on 09 Feb : 01:05
Soon as I can get Internet again I'll be there.
Re: VG Falcon BMS Server Campaign is back up now... (Falcon Falcon BMS 4) Posted on 18 Dec : 17:11
Thanks Sem.
Re: Bottom86's Passing (Everything Else ) Posted on 22 Nov : 12:24
We were lucky he chose us. RIP Bottom.. and thank you for everything.

Sorry for your loss Jamie. My condolences to your family.

Re: Project Reality One Point Zero! (Project Project Reality) Posted on 20 Sep : 02:03
how do I install this shit?
Re: Hello devil dogs! (Introductions) Posted on 20 Sep : 01:28
Ooorah devil dog! Welcome to VG.
Re: PTSD? (Militaria) Posted on 18 Jun : 18:50
second that
Re: PTSD? (Militaria) Posted on 18 Jun : 18:23
I met this lady on Twitter. Maybe she has something to offer? [ Click Here ]
Re: In need of help :) (PC) Posted on 18 Jun : 15:51
Never hurts to ask bro. Good luck!
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