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Re: Rules needs to be updated (PR) Posted on 02 Jul : 09:48
so wat rule change u speaking of bro?
Re: The CBIS Family <3! Need Some Help (Gaming) Posted on 02 Jul : 09:37
post a link bro
Re: [poll] New Website (General Forum ) Posted on 01 Jul : 11:19
I bought everything let me know what you need to get started Solar.
Re: 02 Jul 2015 1620GMT W1B intentional TKing CAS with AAV (PR) Posted on 01 Jul : 11:12
Ya W1B chill the fuck out I've seen this myself. It's just a game man you get to freaking angry and it ain't cool bro. You need to chill a lil.
Re: [poll] New Website (General Forum ) Posted on 01 Jul : 11:10
Solar you ready?
Re: [poll] New Website (General Forum ) Posted on 30 Jun : 11:06
The new site should look as much like this in colors as we can get. I like these colors too. No bright white!
Re: Introductions (Project Project Reality) Posted on 26 Jun : 16:27
Sup man bout time lol. Thanks for posting. See you in the server. Blud
Re: Starting a Second PR COOP Server (Suggestions) Posted on 26 Jun : 13:59
we killed the 2 server gimmick because it split the population between both servers and neither ever got full
Re: [poll] New Website (General Forum ) Posted on 26 Jun : 13:06
Wouldnt it be better to wait till we can buy everything we need? We almost there, but u tell me.
Re: [poll] New Website (General Forum ) Posted on 26 Jun : 11:54
its 350 for the apps listed. we shud shoot for that. got 200 just need 150
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