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Re: Operation Lightstep Day 3 Signup - 23/06/12 (Arma II) Posted on 22 Jun : 17:54
I've been missing for a while, has everyone gotten new mods installed or are we still running off of vanilla? I'd be down to join, but I'm not sure of when the time is either. Is that on the event calender?
Re: Operation Talon AAR (5/5/12) (Arma II) Posted on 06 May : 15:10
Castor =VG= wrote ...

Fireteam 1.
immediately after touchdown our machinegunner informed us of a problem on his Sound system, he could only hear TS, I decided to keep him on but stay on a supportive role in the mission, however after taking heavy losses at RP1 (we lost sam, our MG) we had to step up, the mission was confusing to us until we moved from the RP1 to 2nd AA position. there we were ambushed by 2 enemy LMGs and a couple riflemen luckily Fireteam 4 aided us and we took only 1 casualty and 2 wounded. By this time the rest of the fireteam 3 had emerged with us. after dealing with the ambush we took out enemy Tunguska, we got ambushed again and lost 100% of our manpower.

I think we did pretty good Castor, considering the technical difficulties we encountered. We survived 2 ambushes and took out one of the main objectives by using just the buddy system.

Definitely a lot of fun, really looking forward to doing this again.
Re: Arma Session Signup: Saturday 5th May. 19:00 GMT (14:00 CDT) (Arma II) Posted on 04 May : 00:35
I will be there for sure!
Re: Weekly Arma Missions Signup (Arma II) Posted on 29 Apr : 05:50
Sign me up as well!
Re: Tactics, Strategy, Game Play VS Server Rules (Cooperative) Posted on 18 Apr : 20:25
Melon Muncher =VG= wrote ...

Kokan for example...

...again using Kokan as an example...

shameless self advertisement. Just kidding.
Re: Tactics, Strategy, Game Play VS Server Rules (Cooperative) Posted on 17 Apr : 01:41
When you consider how many hours players like deadbyd4wn and nwm put into our servers, you can tell that they've tried just about everything and know each map extensively. I was talking to dead about his qwai river strategy and told him "man, this is too easy" to which he laughed and agreed. It was a new strategy that he always wanted to try out to give all the players who play regularly a fresh take on the same maps.

I'm not saying that setting up in front of enemy vehicle spawns and setting up a TOW is right, but I appreciate the variety of tactics that good SL's come up with to keep the game fun. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I agree that tactics should be employed for the purpose of keeping the game fun, not to win decisively and as fast as possible (although this can be fun).

Fun is subjective, but in my humble opinion, admins shouldn't be the one determining how the game should be played, even if their intentions are to keep the atmosphere fun. I leave it up to the players, both good and bad, to come up with their own ideas of how they want to have fun. I only reach out my long arm of justice when someone really steps out of line and directly violates a clear rule.

I'm sure everyone likes to be useless every once in a while (crewman kit on kozelsk anyone?).
Re: [poll] Arma 2 Event - Saturday April 21st (Arma II) Posted on 16 Apr : 19:16
I think I can, but I might have this volunteer thing at the same time, the time is good though.
Re: Hi! (Introductions) Posted on 15 Apr : 19:07
Hey man, it was cool playing with you on the Clafghan server with Adam, 3 little-bird attack run was amazing.
Re: Sandbags around aircraft spawn? (Arma II) Posted on 14 Apr : 21:43
if you hold ctrl, you can use your mouse to rotate the C-130 to the direction of your choosing. Then left-click and you should be good.
Re: Banned BUSAN_GALMGI (PR) Posted on 14 Apr : 05:13
I always see this guy making trouble, but never actually got to catch him in the act. Good one, yoda!
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