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  2. Radio =VG=

  3. offlineninja? ;p only a few people are thinking about something like that. but if msn.com for 10 seconds has a contaminated advertising banner on the side and you were exactly at this time on the page, you got a problem...
  4. unfortunately not ... "safe" is nobody. you can only minimize the danger. and you should always backup your data and keep it somewhere else. Unless you have no private data ... I have almost 10 TB of data. once directly on a computer that is not permanently on the net and once on external hard drives that are at work. So even if my apartment burns down, at least I still have this data ...
  5. Cool. Well I don't really venture in them neck of the woods. So I am safe.
  6. Ransomware. locks (encrypts) your data away and make your pay them to get back access.
  7. The only benefit golden connectors have is making your wallet lighter. @topic: As a thumb rule: Everything that connects your PC to anything is a potential security risk. USB, WiFi, Bluetooth, Serial Ports, S-ATA, Ethernet Port, ... All you can do is follow common sense and keep your drivers and anti virus up-to-date and keep an off site backup of docs and pics. Cryptolockers are nasty stuff...
  8. Last week
  9. For those here who don't know, Gold is bad... Great for space shuttles and fighter jets and CPU and tiny integrated circuit chips, and everywhere else it's just a bullshit marketing gimmick. Plenty of vids exposing the bs of "gold plated" connections, etc. on so called "performance grade" consumer electronics cables. Fun fact: See those 4 lines on the white thing? Those are the connections.... See the big golden metal square things that hold it? They are holders, and not to get all science-y, but they conduct exactly zero signal or connection or current or voltage or ground. But if you put this cable side by side with a silver/steel colored end, the gold one will sell at nearly twice the price, while the other collects dust, because...gold.
  10. I think you are both right. on a cinema server or when djing in front of the audience, I would never take a wireless mouse. either the batteries are empty or the radio is disturbed ... at home that's different. I actually always have batteries. but I also have a wired keyboard and mouse (both usb and ps / 2) for diagnostic purposes. So if I'm running out of batteries, I have to plug a cable ... i used to stand on the same point as jersens just what headphones and micros concerned. The sound was just worse, there was a latency and something was constantly disturbed. meanwhile it works but I still prefer to use cable in the audio section, but I can understand anyone who prefers to operate his bose dolby atmos home sound system rather than 8mm gold cable. otherwise you spend more money for cable than for the system ^ ^ so for the home area that is often ok, especially if you are on all these promotional keywords but in the professional field is nothing about cable or you spend a few thousand more on money... But do not get me wrong ... I do not mean gold hdmi cables or golden fuses or such a nonsense. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Cosmic-Audio-Lautsprecherkabel-Ref-X-2-fur-lange-Distanzen-2x5m-HighendKabel/123369444066?hash=item1cb96452e2:g:8JYAAOSwTuJYqp1N if they sound better than 2.5mm standard cable, go to the doctor ;p
  11. Who still uses non-rechargeable batteries?! Chinese shop lol Wired FTW, but for anything that takes 2 AA's like the wireless X-Box controller, it's not hard to figure out: They sell rechargeable AA's in a 4-pack, ya keep the other two charged up so when it starts flashing LOW mid-game, you can quickly swap them at the next opportunity (not easy during a race, I hate it..). But it's the price to pay for getting a little less wired for a few controllers. They don't make wired Oculus Touch controllers.... just sayin'
  12. Why would you use a wireless keyboard or mouse? Are there any real benefits? Just I'm saying. I mean you are in the middle of a fierce match. Suddenly Billy Ocean steps in and starts singing. No what I really mean is SUDDENLY your batteries die and there you are. Crawling on the floor trying find spare batteries. Now you remember the Chinese shop five minutes away and you have to walk there. Brrrr.. Outside where real humans live. And ... THERE... Might ... Be women there. No no no no no... I like the cables keep me connected.
  13. Well, dongle and keyboard / mouse must have a connection and you can attack them. Usually these are secure connections but often you have weak spots to attack. however, these connections are not vulnerable from the net ... so you have to be with a mouse or a keylogger near your receiver...
  14. If you use Logitech Wireless Keyboard or Mouse, please read this article !!

    How can just a dongle make you vulnerable to a hack?
  15. A small bug has been found, the Keyboard Layout is not remembering it's settings when the profile is reloaded because the variable didn't get loaded in the initialization file as intended. This will be fixed for the final version. If you use a different keyboard layout than the default QWERTY, and you don't want to have to set this each time this profile loads until the next update, you can simply add the line to the KEYPRESS_Variables command as shown in the image below. Copy the variable AVCS_BMS_KeyboardLayout and insert a 'Set an Integer Value' found under "Other > Advanced" and paste in the variable name. Below, select the box "Retrieve Saved Value" and nothing else. Again, this will be done for the final version, and only people with non-standard keyboards need to be concerned.
  16. veterans gaming integration

    Thank you !!
  17. Logitech Wireless USB Receiver Can Open Logitech's Unlock USB Keyboard, Security Unlock, Logitech USB Unifying, Logitech Mouse Unlockable, Logitech Mouse Keyboard could break open for hackers, MouseJack, Logitech USB Unifying be vulnerable to MouseJack, Logitech USB Unifying MouseJack, Keystroke, Keylogger, logitech firmware upgrade, logitech wireless keyboard, wireless logitech mouse If you buy a Logitech wireless keyboard or mouse, it comes with a wireless USB receiver that lets you connect your device to your computer, which comes in handy if your computer does not support Bluetooth. We probably don’t give the dongle too much thought, but it seems that you definitely should. This is because according to a report from The Verge, Logitech’s wireless dongles are being shipped with a vulnerability that could make them susceptible to a hack. This is not new as it was an issue that was reported back in 2016 where it was known as “MouseJack”. Logitech had issued a patch to fix it, but The Verge has discovered that even today’s Logitech products are still being shipped with a dongle that has yet to be patched. It should be noted that Logitech’s products aren’t the only ones potentially affected by this security flaw, and that other wireless products from the likes of Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft that use the same chipsets and firmware are susceptible too. The upside is that Logitech allows users to update the firmware, which is a good thing. The solution is simple, download and install as soon as possible the firmware update to protect yourself. Both the Mac and Windows versions are available at https: //support.logi.com/hc/en-us/com Take Care !! malpaso
  18. two users 1 network playing on the server not working

    that explains a lot ...
  19. two users 1 network playing on the server not working

    You probably used one or more accounts on both computers. An example: Computer A accounts: alpha, bravo Computer B accounts: bravo, charlie even if you now go online with accounts Alpha and Charlie the master server saw a shared account named bravo. This causes your accounts to be marked and this prevents you from playing together. Please contact R-DEV Mats (on realitymod.com) and he will remove the mark. please include your Hash (CD key), Accountnames (both accounts used) and IP in the message (to mats) to speed up the process Please remove your account from the other PC as this would cause you to be marked again.
  20. We can join different servers, but not the same server. We are using different machines (desktop and laptop). The first one to join the server can play, other one gets "CD-key not valid." message.
  21. two users 1 network playing on the server not working

    Spoke to one the R-CONs about this issue and was told this "Just wondering both of you play on a different (hardware) PC's and not on a VM (virtual Machine) based machine?The CD key is generated from your hardware serial numbers and some other stuff. Each computer should therefor have a unique hash (CD key).A VM based computer will not work due to this been blocked by PR to prevent people bypassing potential bans. Additionally it can also cause that both VM share the same CD key and thus not allowing them to both join the server simultaneously. If by any random luck you happen to have 2 computers with the same Hash (CD key) please contact the realitymod forums as they might be able to help you much further. The use of a VPN might additionally cause for issues as the PR master server started blocking VPN IP's as they where used for griefing. However the message "CD key invalid" and "CD key in use" only point to the CD key been the problem. It has nothing to do with your Ethernet settings. " Do you get the same message when you both join any other PR servers together?
  22. two users 1 network playing on the server not working

    we just checked and they are the same
  23. two users 1 network playing on the server not working

    If you both can use the internet at the same time via the same router for anything else. E.G. going on youtube. Judging by you both being able to load into the PR main menu via online accounts together, you have NAT running fine. Most routers for home use will have it running and ISP doesn't give you the option to turn it off as they don't want to deal with customers breaking it. Game is giving a hugh hint as to what the issue most likely is. Go to; Support>Keys and make sure they are different. Might be better off posting here https://www.realitymod.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=27 as we can't produce fixes for CD Key problems.
  24. two users 1 network playing on the server not working

    so the problem is our router doesn't have NAT I have looked trough every single tab and nothing
  25. Was playing GTA:V online awhile ago, been saving up trying to get to $1 million for a long time just as a goal.  I don't spend much on cars, already got them, and guns galore...  I walked into AmmuNation to fill up on mags and sticky bombs, and accidentally the cursor moved from the Sticky Bombs to some half a million dollar alien gun on the wall.

    Since I was just jamming the button to rebuy as many sticky bombs as I could hold, I instantly purchased this lame ass gun I didn't want when the cursor moved up.  I've since tried it out, it's pretty meh.  I'd rather have  the mini-gun if I wanted a heavy machine gun style weapon, for sure.

    Luckily for my dumb ass, a new Casino is opening in GTA:V Online and they're having a promotion to launch it, including perks for linking Twitch Prime with your Rockstar Social Club.  I happen to have Amazon Prime, and Twitch, so I jumped through their hoops and BOOM!  EASY MONEY!  Also comes with a penthouse suite (free of charge/rent) at the new Casino when it opens on July 23rd.


    1. =VG= Vanillapop

      =VG= Vanillapop

      I really like how rockstar has incorporated their in game money to the real world

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