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Found 1 result

  1. Veterans Gaming - Insurgency Standalone - Harcdore COOP Event Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Event Date: 11.9.2016 (4 P.M. GMT & 7 P.M. GMT) & 18.9.2016 (12 P.M. GMT & 3 P.M. GMT Event Information The Event will be hosted on our =VG= Insurgency Server at the dates provided above, on each of theese occasions You will challenge Yourself againts the blood thirsty AI on anything from large open maps to CQB combat, You will be in a team of 8 soldiers tasked with various objectives. The goal is to pass each of theese maps without being wiped out. You will get 3 chances for each map, if You fail all 3 times You will get 2 bonus times but will get a penalty in future events/competitions. If the team is victorious on any of the maps, the top scoring player will get a guaranteed ticket for a special event further on (if they are up for a good challenge) Game Modes: Checkpoint - Attack objectives in order, objectives are Capture points and Insurgent Weapon Caches Conquer - Attack 3 Capturable objectives and hold then while destroying all hidden Insurgent Caches Hunt - Hunt for an enemy Weapon Cache while eliminating a set of 15 enemy AI, both of these must objectives must be met to ensure victory Outpost - Defend a friendly Weapons Cache (BLUFOR) while reppeling 15 enemy attack waves BLUFOR TEAMS: Round 1: Specialist Breacher Support Rifleman 2nd Rifleman Grenadier Recon Sniper Round 2: Specialist Breacher Support Rifleman 2nd Rifleman Grenadier Recon Sniper Round 3: Specialist Breacher Support Rifleman 2nd Rifleman Grenadier Recon Sniper Round 2: Specialist Breacher Support Rifleman 2nd Rifleman Grenadier Recon Sniper Round 4: Specialist Breacher Support Rifleman 2nd Rifleman Grenadier Recon Sniper Rules: (Please Read Trough!) NO CHEATS, HACKS OR EXPLOITS OF ANY KIND! 1. Any player caught using a cheat, hack, or exploit in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players = BANNED TEAM KILLING / FORCED TEAM KILLING 1. You team kill a player or players due to accidental discharge, failure to to identify targets, and/or failure to make sure the Area of Operations are clear of friendly team mates = KICKED (on multiple offenses since there is no warn system) 2. You willfully team kill any player for any reason, willful and repeated team killing of a specific player = KICKED/BANNED! (Depending on the offense) 3. You deliberately cause another player to Kill you, then you Punish them for the TK = KICK! (repeated offenses resulting in the player being kicked will result in you being BANNED!) (The Punish for TK is only applicable if the player kicks him using the vote system, or using the TK manager if we ever install one) 4. You willfully and intentionally kill multiple players in order to disrupt game play, or you have had previous disciplinary action resulting in kicks = BANNED! GRIEFING 1. You willfully and intentionally disrupt game play at a magnitude that completely prevents players from participating in the game. examples would be: You intentonaly spam votes in order to disrupt somebody's gameplay without him doing anything againts the rules, mass TK, Voice chat Spam, Grenade Spam and TK, abusing any server side addons (TK Manager, ect.), vote spamming for no reason, insulting, discrimination = BANNED (Except for minor offenses) FALSE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST OTHER PLAYERS 1. If a player lies about another player to get them kicked or banned, they will themselves be banned instead. RACISM / RACIAL SLURS / DISCRIMINATION 1. Any racist comments, racial slurs or any other form of discrimination will get you banned from our servers FOREVER! **Discrimination meaning any abusive/offensive language or behavior on the grounds of race, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation. This rule list is new, so all possible scenarios are possibly not covered, if any of them need to be added, this list will get updated Additional note: The Server will be locked to let the people that signed up for their respected slot be able to play it Try to sign up for only 1 slot, if not enough people show up, You may reserve a slot in multiple matches =VG= BrakeGamer