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Found 15 results

  1. Dutch Forces in Action Feat. Vincent

    Just another day in Dovre, the map is completely broken for Opfor Fridays, since the first two CPs being capped by the Dutches, the game play is not really that long, but it still impressive, really wanted to play this map some other time. I'm hoping someone could fix this layout, the Winter one is already built for Opfor, but the Original one doesn't much.. This action taken while Vincent suppressing enemy fire in the small house at West Fields along with some friendly infantries inside, where Russians keep engaging us outside, nowhere and hard to detect yesterday. As Machine Gunner, the FN MAG w/h C79 Elcan is weapon of choice for him while in my Squad ( MMG not visible in screenshot since the "hand" was broken ) " What happen to your hand, Vincent? Looks broken-! I'll take a screen shot and upload them in VG later " *Vincent laughs* Reminds me of suppressing fire in modern FPS/TPS games lol - Inch
  2. Hello, my name is Alex(23), most of you know me by Risiko94. I frequently play on your COOP Server for Projekt Realiy. I hope i made a good impression so far, a few practical jokes aside. I do my best to help players, especially new ones. Quite often you can see me leading a BEGINNER INF Squad, explaining the game to newbies. Iam happy with the way this server is managed and how the admins react (well, most of the time). Since there are rare occasions where an admin can't be found, iam asking for admin rights to help people in those situations. There is nothing you can do against a teamkiller or even worse, a bugged map (Beirut STD, f.E.) without admin help. I always check the teamspeak, but sometimes i can't find one and i don't want to rip people out of their arma/PR immersion. The following admins probably know me (random order): deathdealer203 H8CrazyVet67 InchPincherToo SoldierOfMisfortune Spartanish =VG= HaterOneActual VODKA Skitalez =VG= Keed Everyone i forgot, my memory is really bad. The following admins know me to a lesser extent: chickenjason123 asquirrel456 I don't want to be part of the Clan, nor do i want any special dutys or rights, aside from voting / changing the map and warning / kicking people. Regardless of your decision regarding my application, thank you for providing (the only) decent PR COOP Server. Alex
  3. PR COOP Event: Falklands - Goose Green - 2017

    11.11.2017 1900 PRT Info : 1. General Veterans - Gaming server rules apply. 2. RCON will be enabled during the event. Anyone using it without permission will be removed from the event without a warning. 3. Event is open for everyone to join. No signup is required. Anyone wishing to lead the team, post down below. 4. Maps will be released during the event week. Password for the server will be released 1h before the event begins. Falklands - Goose Green - 2017 (click here for mission breifing & details)
  4. 1.4.18 Update game crash for the 3rd world Eak eak. 40 Key error XP users might need this as well if you get 40 Key error like me. 40:Keyerror after installing 1.4.18 Update After update: Getting Critical Error immediately when starting game saying: 40:Keyerror (Using WinXP still) Cannot play anymore Please help... just open link and bingo your dun : ~)
  5. Back in the day...

    Sup gamer jizzpool, I remember back in the day, if you wanted to have some fun online with VG members, we could all be found in PR at some point during the day. As I play more frequently these days, I miss the times with all my old VG bros! It's all new guys now and although I'm still having a good time, I miss not having any of my fellow VG mates to play with (except the regulars). I know times change and we all like our different games these days, but as I view different games to buy, there really aren't any current games out there that appeal to me. I think there are a few games out there that we all might be able to rally behind, but I'm interested to hear your thoughts. Is there a game, or anything else that we can do to bring back more frequent mass clan gaming time? I need some bromancing fuckers this shit getting serious! I'm talking about games where we can all join and play together in. There aren't many, so I was wondering.....what do you think? Non clan members can't post their thoughts or ideas as well please. tyvm! Carry on. Blud
  6. Thats Right Ladies and Gentlemen! It has been forever since we have Won on Tad Sae and today marks the first time in ages since we first played and won this round... Well done guys! pictures are down below (Incase you dont belive us.) Suprisingly we managed to finish the round with only 20 people. Kavelenko's squad was the only squad actually doing something on the other half of the round. (Well done mate!) I volunteered to be the commander for the time being and that was what won us the round because Area Attacks can be called every 5 mins (We made use of this on the other half of the round) I think this was a really fun round and we can tell it was because there was lots on the team chat saying that its the best round they have ever been on. (Of course there are some that ultimately rage quitted mid-game *cough cough* squirel Either way. it was alot of fun, hopefully it can be done again at some point in time. - Sausag3 There was some bloopers too (When Kav flipped the jeep )
  7. There have been some proposed changes by =VG= Double_13 to the Project Reality COOP Maps at VG. Vote here on those changes. Please pass the word to get people to vote. Any questions, feel free to post up. **IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR VOTE!** This Poll will remain active for over a week, or two, or until we see that we have enough votes to make decisions.
  8. Hey guys, Needs a quick response on this, does anyone have links to download the maps of PR? I had a problem seeing error of verifying integrity of just one map, Black Gold (said to be corrupted, i kinda need some replacement for that). Plus, i dont wanna re-download everything again from the start, really wasting my time enough till now. It'll be much easier and useful if uploaded around VG downloads or share any links to the map downloads here in this thread, i'll be in touch. (Google Drive, Dropbox, Mediafire, etc. would do) Thank you Cheers, Inch
  9. Three so far, more to come
  10. So ever since I started playing here, I've been asked various times if I had a mic, and had to explain the same thing every time: I do, but it sounds like I'm Megatron. I'd like to fix this but I can't see to find a way. I'm using the standard microphone in my Lenovo laptop and it works well with Teamspeak, but whenever I play anything it sounds horrible. First it sounded really low, so I turned it up and now it's better, but the weird voice problem remains. I badly need help, I can't play like this!
  11. Recently the !admins command was stripped from all but Head Admins. While the reasoning behind this clear, many admins raise the question as to why exactly this was done. It was a way for both =VG= and community admins to always know how many admins were in the server and most importantly, to notice new admin names in-game. As stated in the Admin instructions that everyone has to read upon getting admin rights, admins are required to talk with each other to set next maps etc. Why then do we get stripped of the one thing that lets us see admins directly in-game? I hate to think of admins as solo police officers, not being part of a team as a whole. I know most admin names by heart but without !admins I would not have known asquirrel or StormHawk10 before much, much later, with all the risks of mistaking a problem-fixing admin for a badly behaving/rule-breaking player. Our aim is to keep the server healthy, the players happy, and to make sure everyone follows the rules. =VG= is and will probably remain my all-time favourite server because of the regulars and playstyle. I get a huge pleasure from making sure everyone is having a good time and our player counter is high. The biggest reward for any day of being an admin is simply seeing people work together and having fun. To be at our top game of admining, it's a good thing to know who is who, and to know there's another admin who can deal with the issue when one is preoccupied. Is there a bigger reasoning behind this change that we are missing? Thanks for your answer. Have a great day! Acro
  12. Hey all. For both videomaking and admin purposes, having a PRbot available to us would be a good thing. On some old servers that I admined (some will remember =RW=) we had PRbots for admins only. Is that a thing we want to look into? I see many benefits. If there's a really good reason why we should never ever have them or are unable to, please comment! Thanks! Acro
  13. I guess most of you PR players know about the PR Spy on It is great if you want to see who is online on your favorite server. But it is not that great if you want to find out where exactly your friends are playing. Since a while there is an app for Android users named PRSPY. This app will tell you exactly when and where your friends are playing. To simply add a friend, just tab and hold a player's name to add them to your watchlist. This app also holds a nice gallery of all the maps that this great game offers. It even holds the end screen of Muttrah City. You can download the app by searching for PRSPY in the Google Play Store. Currently only Android is supported as there is no version for Apple IOS. PR Spy for IOS is a work-in-progress but there is no update since beginning 2015. Check out here
  14. Vehicle Warfare

    "VEHICLE WARFARE" - 30th July 2016 / 1900 h PRT (project reality time) Gamemode description : Two teams roll out from their respective main bases in their armored vehicles to battle each other on 3 different maps. Each team has different kind of vehicles, from light scout vehicles to heavy battle tanks. The objective of both teams is simple - Destroy the enemy team and capture the flag. Winning conditions : First team to reach certain amount of kills wins - The amount will be given later First team to capture the flag wins. Logistics : Each team will be given access for emergency repairs and transport back to main for crewmembers. Emergency repairs are only for vehicles that have lost their tracks and are stuck on the map. In order to apply for logistical support, team leaders have to contact the referee of their respective team. Rules : 1. Standard Veterans Gaming server rules (with certain exceptions) 2. Only vehicle vs vehicle combat is allowed. Combat between dismounted crews is forbidden! 3. Crew members must immediately proceed to the closest evacuation zone (given later) for extraction. Crew members are not allowed to remain in the combat area to scout or to fight with enemy crew members. 4. Both teams will have 5 - 10 minute warmup team at the start of each round. In that time, everyone must remain in their respective main bases until green light is given. 5. Additional rules may be added 6. Only the observers are allowed to use admin / rcon commands! 7. Any kind of offence will earn a penalty either to the offending player or for the whole team. Additional Info : 1. Additional slots may be added if current ones are filled. Vehicles may be swapped with 2 mans in case of huge increase in sign ups. 2. Maps will be added 24h prior to the event 3. Signup will be closed 24h prior to the event 4. Additional rules / info may be added in the future ( look for yellow colored notes) 5. In case of server failure, extra offerings will be sent to lady PR. If that doesn't help then the event will be rescheduled. 6. Some of the maps may be cancelled if previous ones take too much time. 7. If not enough players have signed up then the event will be cancelled / replaced with something else =VG= TED(F)