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Found 14 results

  1. SixDice Arma3 Epoch Tanoa

    Hello all! We are just 2 guys with a idea for arma 3 and as you know editing in Arma 3 can be a time consuming thing, we need you! have you experience in modeling, coding in arma well maybe this is fun for you... Read the full story on The Day Of The Triffids Follow us! personal Triffids diary and share your ideas with use to make this happen.. SixDice2018
  2. SixDice-Arma3-Epoch-Tanoa

    I need a airplane to land on that ship.. :)
  3. Arma3 Day Of The Triffids

  4. SixDice Arma3 Epoch Tanoa

    Welcome to the SixDice Group of Arma3 Arma 3 Epoch is a open world survival game, more info: Epoch We from SixDice are using this mod for the Triffitt project, more info: The Day of the Triffids Tanoa Epoch will be a testing ground for new things to come... We running the EpochExperimental mod version.. You are welcome to play, you stuff whill be save but the game can change from time to time. Added some stuff to the game, no spoiler see for youself.. Missions are active, a great start to collect your stuff is to do a traders mission.. Epoch is still bean update on a regular base.. SixDice Team members: SiXie: Admin = design and modeling SirDice: Admin = scripting and coding Cosh = design and modeling -VG- = scripting and coding We are very excited to start this journey with you Follow us! personal Triffit diary and share your ideas with use to make this happen. https://plus.google.com/communities/105849606982279007880 Iit's project, There's no hurry... Server name: [NL] SixDice A3 Epoch Tanoa Address: Map: Tanoa Mission: Epoch Mod Players: 50 SixDice2018
  5. SixDice Arma3 Epoch Tanoa

  6. Waiting!

  7. SixDice Arma3 Epoch Tanoa

    We still alive and kicking!! Welcome2018!!!! it's been a while, Epoch is still bean update from time to time and we added some things to.. Tanoa Epoch will be a testing ground for new things to come... ..Its still Epoch Experimental but your welcome to visit.. Server name: [NL] SixDice A3 Epoch Tanoa (1.1.0-exp|1.80) Address: Required game version: 1.80.143751, Map: Tanoa Mission: Epoch Mod, Mod's: Epoch Experimental, Zombies and Demons . Epoch Experimental: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=455221958 Zombies and Demons: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501966277 follow our full story: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/SixDice-Arma SixDice2018
  8. Epoch Experimental Tanoa

    Server name: [NL] SixDice Arma 3 Epoch Tanoa (1.0.0|1.72) Address: Required game version: 1.72.142223 Map: Tanoa Mission: Epoch Mod Experimental Players: 0/50
  9. SixDice Arma3 Epoch

    Hello Arma Lover's! It's Been A While , life and stuff.. The server is up and running after a while down.. Problems due the epoch server version and arma server part, we running Epoch and not the Epoch experimental version.. Server name: [NL] SixDice Arma 3 Epoch Tanoa (0.5.0|1.72) Address: Required game version: 1.72.141838Map: Tanoa Mission: Epoch Mod i would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give some feedback on problems... SixDice2017
  10. Bunker

  11. Epoch Tanoa Server test!!!!

    Hello Arma Lover's! Because we had some issues on the server it is test day! Fly, Drive, Collect, Build and kill, do everything what is aloud on the server.. Admin will be present and you can ask questions about the future of the SixDice server.. Server name: [NL] SixDice Arma 3 Epoch Experimental Tanoa (0.5.0|1.70) Address: Required game version: 1.70.141764 Map: Tanoa Mission: Epoch Mod remember it's a dev server zo issues may occur.. Epoch Experimental Tanoa SixDice2017
  12. SixDice Arma Epoch

  13. Arma3 ServerUpdate

    Hello Arma Lovers!SixDice Server is up and running again..After every Server update der is work to be done..-------------------------------------------Arma3 Epoch Tanoa..Up building limit extendedBuilding lifetime extendedVehicle lock extended--------------------------------------------HaveFun!Server name: [NL] SixDice Arma 3 Epoch Experimental Tanoa (0.5.0|1.68)Address: game version: 1.68.141205Map: TanoaMission: Epoch Mod__________________________________We love the new Jets!
  14. Arma3 Epoch edit map

    Hello all! I was wondering what the best way is to edit the Epoch Mod.. adding custom building and stuff for on Tanoa map on server side!? Tips are welcome! SixDice