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Found 19 results

  1. So... when I am bored, dpressed or insipired to do something I find random images on the internet and edit them and I want people to see them because... they took time to make are funny, I will start posting them all on this same post over time as I make them I have some already made so I will start with those and I will post them on by one with some days as intervals just to keep a constant flow of content I hope you guys enjoy This was my last creation
  2. So I notice something poping in and out form the ground near a building... In case "anyone" *wink* want to fix this here's where it happened:
  3. I am sorry but I had to
  4. Can someone actually give me a good explanation on how this can be usefull and why this is a thing?
  5. This piece of art needs to be the new Russia Athem:
  6. Here I got exclusive image of the new brazilian armor, it should start circulating the military posts in a few months Notice how they test the armor on their newest tank model
  7. Easter Egg?

    This dude either have a really incredible idea or he is trying to show me de wey
  8. Mr. Goodass (?)

    Awwwnn... now he have a friend to spoon hug him :3
  9. Mr. Badass

    That guy DOES NOT give a damn B)
  10. Wich one you guys think is more like PR?
  11. To be continued...

    *random player get in the chopper, jumps in the minigun and aim for the first guy he sees*
  12. This round is gonna be red hot!
  13. Whe he tries 2 at the same time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    @=VG= TEDF knows what I am talking about here
  14. Hardab

    just a dab...
  15. Deck-a-choo part2

    You are so sad that you dont even want to go to the fight
  16. So in my "friend group" we have a specific guy that we all know by his nickname but no one know his real name, his real face (photo) nor how he sounds like... all we know that he is argentinian and we have some kind of "meme" going that he is into drugs because... he's... argentinian... yeah, it's not racist cuz even he aprooves it XD So I made this up in some hours in honor to him. "Why are you sharing that?" you ask? I really dont know... I just wanted to... it took effort to make it and it came out really cool so.. why not share it? The "individual" on the window it's his profile photo... or part of it
  17. Watch your back, he can be behind you right now.... dont forget to check under your bed, he can be already there.... Coming soon in the nearest PR server from your house:
  18. Whenever I find this phrase somewhere in the VG comunity: I remmeber this scene: