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  1. This looks like a good place to land! Hello everyone.

    I'm confused...wut?
  2. This looks like a good place to land! Hello everyone.

    I read this a few days ago, and I believe/thought I did this before - I installed the "update". I have all the parts I believe. I may have overlooked something though. I'll try again.
  3. This looks like a good place to land! Hello everyone.

    Thank you for the info. I have version 4.33.1, Build 15227. I thought I read that the updater I used took me up to the current (latest) version, but with my time being usually limited, I may have overlook a step or another update in my haste (since I just downloaded it yesterday). I have lots to read and learn and I also know it takes time to understand all the nuances, settings, updates and configurations (as in your example). So, as to avoid any more confusion on my part...where would the "correct" updater be (if the one I used isn't the right one?)
  4. This looks like a good place to land! Hello everyone.

    Yes, I've watched the videos and, I believe I installed update 5. I had just about given up on this game till I stumbled into here. It's gonna take some time though...
  5. This looks like a good place to land! Hello everyone.

    Thanks, that's great information to have! I just now fired up the new BMS and wow, I'm stunned! It's awesome! I haven't even flown yet and my mouth is wide open...this thing is stunning! Thanks for the invite but, I think it's gonna be a while till I get my wings in this one. I don't even know what's in this yet...but so far, it look gorgeous. Reading the PDF now, and once I get a few landings and takes offs (point me in the right direction for landing missions please), I'll feel a lot better, but right now, I doubt I could offer any help in multi-player . (Especially since I'm wondering to myself right about now...where does the key go to start this thing...lol). I guess I better do a little reading first). And, the installation/update...it worked flawlessly! What I thought would be a nightmare - was completely automatic! (Thanks to whoever made that!) I'll do some reading and practicing and, hopefully join everyone as soon as I can! Semper Fi!
  6. I just dropped in while looking for updates to Falcon 4.0, and found a wealth of information here. Hi everyone, I'm a (semi) retired network video producer/editor and, a "sim-junkie". While looking around on how to increase the screen resolution of the old 4.0, I found out that the entire program could be upgraded, and for free?! I had to jump in and see who these other aficionados were. I'm looking forward to learning more about putting this old sim back to work, especially with all the new items that has been done to it by such a dedicated team. I was completely amazed at the new graphics, and I can't wait to try them out! (I just downloaded the BMS 4.33 - all in one update). I'm sure I will have questions, but hopefully this update will be uneventful and go well. Thanks for all hard work! I'm really looking forward to getting this 'ol girl back in the sky. My Specs: i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz 16GB Ram nVidia 1070 GPU 2 - 2560 x 1080 LG Monitors