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    I introduced PR to the Vets and they liked it. They were glued to the keyboard.
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    CobaltUK. We do mostly WWII dogfights using IL2 1946 on 8 networked flight stations. A separate cockpit to simulate the A-10, is beefed up for VR where we fly DCS stuff, and other things like Discovering Space 2, Apollo 11, etc. Move the cockpit aside, and then we can kill zombies in VR. Nothing fancy though, everything is homemade. We transport four flight stations, or did until my van died, to fly-Ins and various aerospace educational activities, such as the Aviation Merit Badge.
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    Downloaded PR and started wandering around a bit solo. Seems decent enough. I will show it to them this Tuesday. I hope the WWII version pans out. Thanks for the input! We will look at the various recommendations.
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    I'm basically looking for video games that require some team work, and not a lot of gore like Sniper Elite 2 has. I am not a combat veteran, so I don't have problems with PTSD. On the other hand, some of the guys that come by do. Just looking out for them.
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    Squad looks like a decent simulation, but my PC's don't make the mins. So we'll stick to Insurgency for the time being. Red Dragon looks pretty intensive, with a learning curve too.
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    6 years PANG, and 4 USMC. I enjoy gaming, but hardly have time to do it. My son and I run a small flight sim center for entertainment, and work a second shift job, and we have Veterans Day every Tuesday, (8 networked PC's). Except for my son, we're over 50 and still standing, a couple suffer from PTSD every now and then, so I will keep up on post regarding it. I deal mostly with flight simulation, but we play War Thunder (tanks) as a disorganized squad and sometimes Call of Duty 2. Anything related to Vietnam is out of the question. They prefer WWII, and sometimes Insurgency. There are way to many games out there for me to figure out which ones are best for us to play. Any recommendations would be appreciated.