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  1. So many changes...

    Keep making jokes when you are in pain, is what i do, jokes have something magic and healthy. And come back to battle, we need a squadleader there.
  2. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    In Coop. (seen on VG server, did not check other servers). Some people including me can not see some of the flags when opening a map (I would'nt play as squad leader in this case). Sometimes i can see only uncaped flags but not the others (caped or neutral) and sometimes i see only caped flags but not the others (uncaped or neutral). As it was recomanded to me, i cleared shader and logo cache, cleared server favorites and server history (may not be necessary for two last ones) but did not work for a long time, just for one round and then the problem came back next map. I supose (but not sure) this can be a bug to fix. Thank you.
  3. Now I am officially a bot.

    Mine was atari 800xl (a gift), then atari 520ste, then a pc.

    I'm not playing that game but can realy this work ? both pcs same acct on steam You are saying you'r using the same account in two PCs i do'nt think so. Not sure how this game accounts work but try with two different accounts, one for each PC. Hope this help.
  5. Now I am officially a bot.

    Welcome home TRON.
  6. Newbie

    I did not played any online game except project reality since two years ago, why? because you just can'nt play any other game when you taste project reality. Go install it and you will see by yourself how the gaming time will take your lifetime from you, this game is a lifetime magnet. Do'nt try this at home. LoooL.
  7. back to start

    I'm 51 years old, I begin to do coding since 1986, i created 120 different games by myself at the time 1990 (foxpro, vbasic, a little c++ for game source coding), I did game mapping, edited and created levels scripts, i do repare computers hardware since 1990, i do electronics since 1986, i teach pcs hardware. But: since ranger had troubles with his connexion, i don't have faith on my knowledge anymore. just currius: how is it going with your connexion ranger (since new installation).
  8. WUT THE ... ?

    for =VG= SemlerPDX dont get me wrong: first, i ment uPnP not UDP that was my mistake (sorry Ranger). second: avast was recomanding me to disable uPnP because it can be a possible breach for hackers, so avast said that, not me, and i consider that avast is made by pro persons and i'm supose to follow what they say cz they know much better than me right ? anyway i did all those steps and : before: i had connexion losts. now: i'm playing just fine. and hey, that was funny video there LoooooooooooooL. now for binary guy Double and me are living in same country, we use same kind of internet, we have same internet provider and our internet settings are totaly different from europe ones, i mean the way we wire things, kind or rooter we use and so. Double know what i'm talking about when i say check this or check that. Thank you so much guys for replies, its always instrutive, i hope Double will fix his problem quickly.
  9. WUT THE ... ?

    i had problems before and i followed the steps, now my conexion is just fine, ping to pr server is 75ms max, but yeah if your line have troubles you should fix that first. begin to remove the filter from rooter and set adsl mode to ADSL2+, it can help to get a little better connexion.
  10. WUT THE ... ?

    1 - Install avast antivirus (free version) and make it up to date. 2 - run full scan and eventualy delete infected files (or push them into quarantine till you find out how to clean them if they are still needed). 3 - do hard reset your rooter and set up your internet connexion. 4 - set your ADSL mode to ADSL2+ (dont let it stay on AUTO). 5 - disable UDP mode on rooter (it's a possible breach and not needed for the game). 6 - run network scan in avast and follow the recomandations (all of them even change wifi and rooter admin passwords if necessary). 7 - set your antivirus updates time from auto to a certain time that you are not playing the game (maybe at computer startup time). 8 - check if someone at home is watching videos or doing massive updates at the time you lose connexion with the server (maybe you phone and you dont know it). 9 - set windows update to manual (something like: let me know but do not download) or just disable it if you are ok with it (i dont use windows update at all). 10 - check your phone line if there is some crapy sound in it, if so, call service to fix the line. You may also check rooter wires conectors if they are crapy or so and may buy new ones. Try to use your modem without a filter and put the line wire directly into the modem, sometimes filter is the problem. 11 - download latest driver for your network interface (wifi or wired). 12 - For DNS things you can watch this: and download the program here: https://www.grc.com/dns/benchmark.htm Hope this help.
  11. H8CrazyVet67

    One days we were playing charlies point map, we were both squad leaders and he told me this: "I send you my squad, they will follow your orders". What i wana say is ................................ I loved him because i have a feeling that he loved me even if we did not know each other personaly. He was a good people. Last time i saw him was in muttrah, i was doing trans and he requested a ride from east city (T building) to fortress, i went to his squad (he did not know it was me) and then, when i landed the chapter, it was the last words i heared from him, and gess what he was saying (in happy way): Heyyyyyy it's Waaaarghost, guys it's waaaarghost. I let you guys imagine how much i'm shocked right now. I heared about his lost just yesterday, i was asking where is the man and they say "we can't talk about that, go to forum and check", now i understand what they mean and i want to thank you guys for being carefull in such situation. I ....... I imagine him in peace now, doing his funny things. Damn i will miss him so much. I also want to thank HeaterActual for all what he did for CrazyVet (it's a name i want to keep in mind) and say I'm so sorry for the lost, it was a very hard moments for you and his family.
  12. PR school

    Hey; I was thinking of you guys making a Project reality school server for beginers and midle knowlege people and here is how i see it: - They will be teachers (better be admins). - It will be sheduler system (Anouncing incoming classes by date and time and what the classe will be about). - Each squad will do one classe with a subject different from other squad (so we can do 9 classes at the time). - Squads can cooperate for one subject (For example: teaching how squad leaders communicate). - Commander will organize all classes and has ability to assigne people to a certain squad depending on what they are learing. - Commander will teach squad leader abilities. - Squad leaders (Admins and teachers but not students) will teach their soldiers. - Team Kill can be allowed in certain circonstances for training purpose and only for those reasons under squad leader order. - An exam day will be organized to see if students are good to go to the regular server. - Ingame score will not count. - They will be not winers at the end of the round. Hope you got the idea guys and let me know what do you think.
  13. PR school

    For CptHawk I was thinking about those who ask "how do i do this and how do i do that?", it took me a while before i learn how to be a squad leader and how to use mortars, beside, they dont have to wait to finish classes to go play in regular server, they will be free to do it at the start, it's just for those who still have in mind many questions about the game, mostly beginers. Of course there is PR Manual but experiencing something new in the scene and do it right is much better. Some players "like me" still dont know how to aim grenade launcher or a HAT with the correct distance, they figure out and try again after the first shot because different kits have different scopes and they dont know why they miss the shot.
  14. ! Requesting Help Troubleshooting Crashes

    I had the same problem and reinstalling windows did not fixed it for me (i mean crash with lost connection) then i did buy new rooter that fixed it. Try to upgrade your rooter firmware or at least do factory reset on it cz i heard that there is a virus whitch will stay in rooter and factory reset will kill it. And set ADSL mode to the one that match your ISP mode, don't keep it on AUTO (if you are using ADSL on your contry). Now for mumble: Do you have Kaspersky antivirus? if so, you need to allow vocal data acces to internet in settings -> firewall -> programs acces but this is 5% the case for this issue. Also, you may set your antivirus update time to the time you are not playing at, this will help avoid lags. To me, the new rooter fixed all my game isues. More tips: I'm using LeatrixLatency program to minimise my ping and avoid lags. I'm using SelfishNet program to manage and share the wifi bandwidth (so if some devices are downloading updates when i am playing, they will be restricted to a certain speed and dont disturb me). Hope this help and sorry for my bad english.