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  1. Connecting to Profile Error!

    Are you lauching the game from some docking tool that is not allowed to acces to internet ?
  2. Map Testing

    Well the password is "salt" not "SALT", besides the game sais "You do not have a map whitch is currently on server rotation" whitch i did copy in right folder (i checked 3 times). Loool i forget to restart the game, that's why maps did not work. sorry my bad.
  3. Windows 10 users.

    Aaahhh the old days, i'm missing those pixels we could see when playing games with almost only midi sound
  4. Windows 10 users.

    I just found this video and i want to share it with windows 10 users who intend to sync their phones with the OS especialy after they got the latest update from microsoft (october 2018): I'm not saying it's right, i'm not sayint it's wrong, i'do'nt use win10. I'm just sharing it, juge it by yourself.
  5. Away time

    Possible causes: - Bad memory. - Bad extention card. - Bad sector on hard drive. - Bad contact on any pluged component on the motherboard (may be by dust). - Less often, nvidia card that is using "Nv4.sys" as one of driver files (a driver update is required or disable hardware acceleration just for testing). Main cause: A process for some reason is accessing to a protected memory block. (If it's me, i would also download PR game from the start, nothing to lose for trying).
  6. PR Editing

    Another solution for ranger_12 (that i use sometimes) if he dont want to use dual boot and keep his win10 HD "clean" is: - unplug win10 HD - put a cheap HD in the PC - install win7 in cheap HD - plug back win10 HD now you can go to bios and set HD top priority to the one you want to use. This is just an alternative solution to keep both HDs independant and "clean" if you want to avoid dual boot or virtual machine. (If for some reason you need to do this to install linux, be aware that linux will affect your win10 HD even after separate installation, but win7 will not).
  7. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Is it possible to track crashs in local coop server ? if so, is there any local log file we can send you after the crash ? cz i know when you run a map in local, the game behaves like a server.
  8. Crysis 1 and BF3

    Yeah Double can use stark industries (Iron man) tech to do it. LoooL Xenalite.
  9. Crysis 1 and BF3

    First: I'm just curious to know if VG is doing or participating on moding PR BF3, will VG go through it later ? Second: Why VG did not pick up Crysis 1 Engine and do PR moding ? it has an easy free mapping tool and the effects (physics) are amazing and the engine can import files from a lot of 3D modeling softwares. Just asking for curiosity.
  10. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    All our games load stays on 15% for longer time, this is normal but not that long (9 minutes), mine take about few seconds, for others may be 2 mins and still normal, but 9 mins is too much. For some reason you PC is taking too long to extract the game level files. ............................................................................................................................................................. My issue is in this site and just happend (not before this day), i just clicked on reply area (text rectangle) and averything before the "dots line" get pasted here and i did not even copy or quote anything, the only think i did is "click in reply text area". i tryed to do "paste" in an empty text file to see if my pc have something in clipboard memory but nothing comes. this is not right subject in this post but it just happend here so i though i could be better to post it right here. Now let's get to the game bugs: - Seen in bamyam VG coop map: The A10 front wheel look strange when it's moving in runway, the rotation axis is not in a center of the wheel. - Seen in bamyam VG coop map: I was top gunner of a tank, me and Ranger12 were in same tank, he was squadleader, we went to the final flag (enemy aireport base), we were killing enemies (he was looking west and i was looking east) and the magic happend: he and me and even the tank just get deleted from the scene (something like entity remove), we had "dead" message on screen, it was not shot effect, no shot sound, it just happend in a blink of an eye. Even the tank was not there cz if it was, we could hear it blowing but nothing (a silent death). - Chaada map is broken (seems like more than one layo is running in same time), more than one flag in one cap zone. - Sometimes the game say "dead" when you are killed but still revivable, was'nt it saying "wonded" when you still revivable and "dead" when you are not ? - Seen yesterday in VG coop (dont remember the map, sorry): i was trying to operate MG asset but not possible, trying to operate a mortar, not possible when next to me was someone using another mortar (both builded next to friendly FOB). thank you guys, i'll report more if i found some.
  11. So many changes...

    Keep making jokes when you are in pain, is what i do, jokes have something magic and healthy. And come back to battle, we need a squadleader there.
  12. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    In Coop. (seen on VG server, did not check other servers). Some people including me can not see some of the flags when opening a map (I would'nt play as squad leader in this case). Sometimes i can see only uncaped flags but not the others (caped or neutral) and sometimes i see only caped flags but not the others (uncaped or neutral). As it was recomanded to me, i cleared shader and logo cache, cleared server favorites and server history (may not be necessary for two last ones) but did not work for a long time, just for one round and then the problem came back next map. I supose (but not sure) this can be a bug to fix. Thank you.
  13. Now I am officially a bot.

    Mine was atari 800xl (a gift), then atari 520ste, then a pc.

    I'm not playing that game but can realy this work ? both pcs same acct on steam You are saying you'r using the same account in two PCs i do'nt think so. Not sure how this game accounts work but try with two different accounts, one for each PC. Hope this help.
  15. Now I am officially a bot.

    Welcome home TRON.