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  1. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

    I tryed that yesterday but did not connected, so i assumed server was down.
  2. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

    Thank you Acro1, will install Discord, that's a good idea. That's a good question, if i'm not mistaking, sometimes i does restart, sometimes not, yesterday it did restarted after crash when it was offline for hours before that, so the question remains, Why ?
  3. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

    I tryed on teamspeak but it was not head admins at that time. Is there a way to contact head admins so they get intantly informed, even if they are not on teamspeak ?
  4. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

    Today its down since hours
  5. Call of Duty®: Ghosts

    That is the game that inspired me to choose a name WarGhost. Now we are having ghosts on PR LoooL.
  6. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    Thank you "Binary"; Hmm, i should try that, did'nt know dll can contain an icone. For now, i'm back to win8.1 cz i had some other troubles (sound trouble and game exit when loading next map sometimes), but i'll give it a try tomorrow, i can restore win10 in 10 minutes, i have a backup. Once again thank you.
  7. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    Yes they did and one realy bad point for windows is that they have added "Compatibility" think for old versions of programs that is not working at all, to me they should just remove it cz it's totaly useless. And yes win10 is a shit, a butifull shit, you can feel it's faster, more attractive, maybe more secured (not quiet sure on this one), but i agree it's a shit on a sense of PR is also quitting when it's loading next map (not all the time), this happends only on win10, soooo, i'm thinkin to go back to win8, no problems at all there, in the other hand, all other programs are running just fine, hard to make a decision. Let's take the first "farcry" game as an exemple: The first version was working fine on winXP and 7 but not on win8 or 10, then they released an update and the game is now working fine in all Windows versions. And the answer is people are upgrading their OS and i think PR DEVs should add a touch about this. PR BF2 1.6 is on its way to us, hope they did something about it. No man, it's not speculation it's a fact, you are absolutly right, my final point is that i love to keep Win10, i like it but the issues with PR are so disturbing, see? i'm also addicted to the game.
  8. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    I'm not using start menu to run the game, i was doing it just for testing for this post. I will look at "How to make Windows 10 look and act more like Windows 7" later. I wont blame windows 10 on this issue cz all other programs even old ones are doing it right, except PR, according to this, my personal thought is that PR exe file needs to be improuved somehow. I mean everything else is working just fine on windows10 to me. For testing something very old, i just pined Wolfenstein 3D shortcut and it did it just fine (that game has been released at 2001). Thank you.
  9. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    Well, i have good news for you: - Open "PRLauncher.exe" folder. - Pin "PRLauncher.exe" file to start menu. - Open start menu and right clic on PRLauncher shortcut (It has no icone for now and it's almost at same color of the start menu background). - Clic on "More" and clic on "Open file location", you will be directed to a shortcut location that windows has created for start menu. - Open that shortcut properties and add PRLauncher folder location whitch is empty when created by windows (For you it's "P:\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\bin") - Last but not least, well ........... Enjoy All this was tested and worked.
  10. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    I hope i'm not missunderstanding, so when you put a shortcut for a non-default C drive program (but running on C) it does not work. Based on that try this: Make a shortcut on desktop and before pin it into start menu open it's properties and check the "Run at" or "Start at" field below the exe file name (Target), add/modify the path if missing or wrong, then you can pin it. Also setting "Run as administrator" can help since it's on C drive it need some elevation. Edit the game folder properties and open security tab and give full acces to your username, when prompted, check "All folders and subfolders". (bed time, its late here, see you tomorrow).
  11. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    You showed me a glimpse of what i should do to fix it and this leads me to create another exe file used only to take the icone from, thank you. I copied "PRLauncher.exe" to "PRLauncher2.exe", then i open the shortcut properties and change icon of it by selecting "PRLauncher2.exe" file and voila Let's wait couple of days and see if the icone will stay, then we can enjoy a good drink.
  12. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    Thank you guys for the reply. =VG= m823us , if this does not disturb the game then i can deal with it and take my time to figure out how to fix it later, finding where the icone is, hmmm kind a hard thing but i'll give it a try. Or maybe i can try to find whitch part of Windows have this behaviour and just disable it if possible, i'm thinking about some security stuff, don't realy know! will see. =VG= SemlerPDX, Yes now you can put a shortcut on desktop when using Windows10. Will let you know when/if i found a solution for this. Take care, thanks.
  13. Hey I'm dealing with a missing icone on a PRLauncher shortcut on the desktop: - This is happening only with Windows10. - My game is installed on E drive. - Can not fix it in shortcut properties (icone change). - First couple days after Windows10 install the icone was good. - If i go back to windows 8.1 and create a desktop shortcut from file "E:\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\bin\PRLauncher.exe" all is good and never happend again. - New Windows10 installation will fix it for couple of days then the issue is back. - Doing a copy of PRLauncher.exe file into "bin" folder will instantly remove the icone even from exe file. - A copy of PRLauncher.exe (Kind of backup of it i made) when outside "bin" folder shows it's icone. Seems like this is happening only when the file is inside the "bin" folder. - If i move PRLauncher.exe outside "bin" folder, the icone is back. - The game might crash at any time (Feez) when icone is lost (Already happend) with no error dll thing message from PR (This crash is caused by something else, not the usual one from the game itself). - Avast antivirus free version is up to date, tryed with kaspersky internet security but same happend. - My PC specs: Mobo:MSI X79A-GD65 (8D), CPU:I7 3820 3.6Ghz LGA2011, RAM: 16Gb (4x4Gb) running on quad channel at 1866 Mhz, Vid: Nvidia GTX660Ti, Hard Drvs: 1 SSD 120 Gb (System installed on) 1 HDD 1TB, 1HDD 500GB, OS:Windows10 x64 1903, All drivers and Windows are up to date. To conclule all this: PELauncher.exe file is being changed somehow but only when using Windows10 and only inside "bin" folder. Any help would be nice. Thank you. Here is a picture showing what i'm dealing with (Follow yellow arrows):
  14. PR VG-COOP attempt to debug the CAS out of map issue

    Some infos could be usefull: More than a month ago, i was testing this in empty coop servers (including empty coop VG server) and the result was that only VG coop server was crashing when air asset goes out of south side of the map. Number of servers tested (including VG one): 6 It would be nice to fix this, thank you TempAssistant.
  15. PR Chopper-sound-bug

    Could it be some sound effect trigger in the map ? Hmmm.