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  1. PR just for laugh

    This will fix our server issue
  2. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Yes we can do that, we need some designers to add wings to them, that's it btw, thank you so much for your great efforts binary. Does it hurt if you keep it open ? Please keep it cz i believe persistence will get it fixed sooner or later lets say: by tweeking the mod code even if the issue is from bf2. Please consider binary efforts and spended time, also Acro1 and the others. Besides, every test is a forward step to the solution because we have data table to analyse. Even if its happening only with flying assets and only on south side, i'm suspecting it to be a cache overloaded or corrupted issue. Have you never been at strange spawn that belongs to the previous map (in the middle of nowhere or inside a mountain or stuck in a wall) ? This game have many things not refreshed from previous map, you can see it by yourself: Before endround in the squad menu keep only your squad members list open, lets say squad 3, on the next map wait for the squads to be filled then open squads list, you will find only squad 3 memebers list open even if you did not join any of them yet. Another and easier way to see that: Flags are not shown on the map after few map changes on client side (See? same heppend here but without server or client crash). What if air assets cache is not refreshed at all when server run next map ? It could be a 0,0,0 origin of the map not taken from the current one (Keep in mind that south side is always negative asset origin value). We also should consider cohision event of air assets with south border trigger when there is no cohision with the ground (no wheels), then comes the question: What heppend if i keep a plane on the ground and go cross the shouth border ? All i said here is of course not relevant, i'm just throwing some ideas to test. Somebody give to binary a root server for testing, where he can install the game server and have full admin rights.
  3. PR just for laugh

    Hey squad leader what is your location ? Somebody gess the answer.
  4. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Thank you binary, but i cant take it, it sais: veterans-gaming.com n'autorise pas la connexion. Meaning veterans-gaming.com refused the connexion.
  5. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    I was thinkin about somebody drive it out of border then admin do a fly command, not fly it forward LoooL. btw, your work on this is just insane, i can see you spended huge time on it. I wish if i could have that table so i can sort or filter data (Easier to analyse).
  6. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Hey binary, you have the best experience on testing this issue, can you make a list of some assets that crashs the server (All of them if you can) ? Are flying assets the only ones crashing server ? If yes, we should consider three things to check: south, border and altitude. Mostly borders are flat (Ground level or sea level if you wish), what happend if we take a grounded asset (Tank or vehicule) to the south border that is high like a mountain ? If it does crash server then south altitude is the issue. You can also try it in flat border and make "fly" admin command to test but you need somebody else to be in the vehicule.
  7. Everyone switch to volod mode when playing Volod mode features: - Never die. - Take a perfect position to shoot from. - Stay away from disturbing noobs. - Kill them all. - Always use burst shots. - Scream **** on the guy who teamkilled you. - Last and most important: Be number 1 at the endround list away far from the rest. - Optional: Drink VODKA.
  8. Just for laught

    Like he said, he is glad to be alive after the experiment, i was laughing more when i read the comments on youtube. Here is the best of them: Room is vibratingggggggggggg... Glass is jumpingggggggg.. water is splashinggggggggg... Even more saaaaaalttt...... "I can"t believe I do this." XD "It's going to end up really horribly" ... Keeps adding more salt MORE SALT!!!! I thought he was about to open a black hole
  9. Just for laught

    If you are bored, this will change it (Watch it from 8:00). If you still bored read the comments.
  10. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Yeah i tested myself kashan std coop local server, tryed to crash it many times with different flying assets from both teams but did not crash at all. i wonder if there is a way to have a testing server licence for those who want to contribute and make local network servers, i mean one pc as server and another as client, i though this way we will have much closer scenario to the real servers.
  11. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Great job binary, so if i'm not mistaking, we can do the test on local server ? That would be great.
  12. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    We can use this, it seems precious info to me, thank you Acro1, this mean the transition line from in and out of border (south side) is the problem but not the whole south oob area. Still, to be sure we need to test more: When still oob from East/West, then go to south oob area and cross the line to get back into the map, what will happend ? Differents combinations should be tested in same map to stay accurate (Need an admin for this to run it again after crash), you probably gona need to clone server only for admins acces to do this cz you are not admin in other servers. I'm trying to be accurate as binary recommanded, whitch is a very good point.
  13. Server Issues (Fly South Bug FIXED!)

    Can you run server with "realityconfig_coop.py" at the very default settings just for once and testing? this may isolate the issue in one file if it is there, then you will eventualy have just one file to look at.
  14. Things i miss in PR VG CO-OP

    This is truly an interesting post @=VG= Skitalez Thank you. What is exactly wrong with karbala, somebody bring back that map to the show. We actualy are playing some maps more often than the others, i thought we could reverse that just to make things different a bit since broken maps can not be fixed for now as far as i know. Is it possible for DEVs to do so we can add new map or make changes on the existing ones without updating the game ? We just put it in both sides (Server and Client) and voila. I'm sure about one thing: We do need changes to keep the game attractive.
  15. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

    I tryed that yesterday but did not connected, so i assumed server was down.