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  1. BMS CTD

    Well you guys helped me get flying again, maybe you can help with this. I am having a good amounts of "Crash To Desktop". They're happening at random times, sometimes in the 3D world as I am flying, sometimes after a mission is ended and the game is trying to load to the logbook and sometimes when I try to use the recon function. I've found the file that holds the crash logs, I just can't make any sense out of the gibberish on the page.... And if I do end up needing to post a crash log up here do I just copy and paste the whole thing or are there only certain parts I should worry about? Thanks again!
  2. BMS graphics problems

    Ok, I got it figured out, the HDR Lighting option in the BMS Config was what was throwing my computer through a loop. I went into the config and shut off anything graphics related and the game worked just fine. Once it was working I went into the config and turned on one graphics option at a time until I found what was crushing my performance. It's a bit odd that that option was already selected and didn't seem to be causing problems before... Oh well, I got it figured out now. Thanks for all the help! Now I'm going to have to spend the next hour going through my setting and trying to figure half the game out again.
  3. BMS graphics problems

    Well I deleted and reinstalled 4.33 and I am still having problems. Literally maybe 1 frame per second, maybe less. I might as well add that my computer has: AMD Phenom II x4 4GB Ram Windows 10 64-bit ASUS GTX 570 graphics card. My computer isn't state of the art but it shouldn't have any problems running this game.
  4. BMS graphics problems

    Deleting the dx9display didn't help ether.
  5. BMS graphics problems

    The correct video card is selected.
  6. BMS graphics problems

    Yeah it's been running other games fine, and some pretty demanding games like Skyrim, Fallout 4 and War Thunder etc. From what I can remember there have been no new hardware added, I did switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10 awhile ago... I don't remember if I have played BMS since the Windows updates or not. I didn't do any fresh installs since last time I played, I am running BMS 4.33 UI.
  7. BMS graphics problems

    I've been away from the game for awhile and I started it back up. At first my cockpit resolution was somewhere around 100x255 and googling around I found the solution to go into the desktop quicklauch properties and Disable full screen optimizations. That got my resolution back to 1980xmodern graphics but when I go into the cockpit I am literally getting 1-2 FPS. I have played this game on this computer for years and years but now my computer is acting like it cant handle the game. Any ideas?