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  1. Milky Way

    I just got the game, I'm not on the server yet!
  2. Milky Way

    Milky Way- I just got my Falcon 4.0 video simulator in the mail! Ready for BMS upgrade! I'm not on the server yet! Soon!
  3. Milky Way

    Milky Way- Thanks!
  4. Milky Way

    Milky Way-Thank you sir!
  5. Milky Way

    Milky Way- Thank You!
  6. Milky Way

    Hello, Cadet here, I am new to BMS will be up and flying soon. The miss the blue skies! Hello to all pilots, virtual and in real time! Sincerely, Milky Way P.s. If anyone knows how I can upgrade my 4.0 to BMS, where I can find the download, it would be amazing, so I can start flying and join a wing!