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  1. Falcon BMS 4 my dude.... this was posted under the help section in the BMS 4 section.
  2. We're Back!!

    Looks like it, this is one landing on the Queen Elizabeth. Looking good.
  3. Patches for my R12

    The 5.11 Rush pack?
  4. What gives with the kit restrictions?

    I've seen maps where we had around 20 some odd people on the server and could only get one hat kit between us all.
  5. Veterans. They still need you.

    eehhhhhhhhh lets put this back on topic seeing how no one actually knows anything unless they have personally been on the ground there. I'm not huge on the Wounded warrior project as they tend to spend a shit load more on things other then veterans. I'm not saying they don't help veterans, just that they don't spend as much as I would hope for someone that takes in the amount of money they do. People, Veterans included, tend to forget the America Legion, and its pretty easy to do as some can be hit or miss, but they have always been there to help me or any one I've know. When I got out, I went to the Legion just to talk really, but they ended up setting me up with all the paper work I would ever need to make claims to the VA for service related injuries, and they helped me fill it all out.... for free mind you. So the Legion has personally earned my donations just because I've actually seen them help people out going through tough times. However, in the same light, I would never donate to the Legion up in flagstaff, as they usually don't do shit outside of getting plastered at the hall (Granted, this was several years ago, it may have changed, who knows). I just recommend looking into a service before you put your money into it, the Legion included(each post operates independent and differently from each other), as some may not be up to the standard when it comes to actually helping veterans.
  6. WSAD Versus TGFH Key binds

    That's what I'm saying. In the video he uses his index finger to hit the Z and X keys, he even makes a point of how dumb it is, but in normal typing, you would use the finger that would be in line with it. Normally that would be the pinky for Z and the ring for X, however, if your using WASD, it would be your ring for Z and middle for X, or use your thumb. I was just making a point on how a major gripe of his about using WASD is having to use his index finger to hit Z and X, but I suppose that's all up to how he learned to type in the first place. Also, if you move to the TFGH, do you not have the same problem with the CVBN keys now that he first had with the (backslash key for him) and ZXC keys?
  7. WSAD Versus TGFH Key binds

    I think Arma is the only FPS that has used a million and a half different key bindings, but normal FPS, like the Battlefield series or insurgency? Even competitive FPS like CSGO and Siege have super simplistic controls that hardly go past F on the keyboard. I wouldn't say that I'm "wasting" half the keyboard when they don't have commands to fill the whole keyboard in the first place. (Also, why would you ever use your index finger to press Z or X? Is it not normal typing to use the finger on line with the key? Hell, I even catch myself using my thumb to get those keys)
  8. I think we need to buy one of those for Volod...

    FRONT Tactical systems make one for the PKM that's something like $600, I believe it's a bit over 500 rounds of ammo... I'm sure Volod has one for a rainy day.
  9. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    I didn't mean to offend you and I apologize if I did so, But I also do not know the back ground of everyone that comes on here and trouble shooting common problems first is a standard. I speak out of playing almost everyday since the update and I have not seen this issue when I use any asset. My experience on the server tends to be on the Aviation side of it as well as heavy armor assets and in the last several days I've had drivers leave the vehicles while the gun was still active and myself nor my fellow crewmen have experienced this issue. On Operation Merlin as well as Wanda shan, myself and a friend took a tank, he wanted to drive, so when I got to the tank I jumped in and switch to gunner with no issue. The same with Attack Helicopters, I prefer to fly and he guns, he got to the bird first and switch to the gun and had no issues (Muttrah and Al Basrah) . myself and Chickenjason can also confirm that soloing the SPAA on black gold will not reproduce this issue either. And I have not seen the issue with the F15 on Khami or the Chinese equivalent on black gold. I can also pull from a few regular players on VG and double check if they have had any issues, but so far they have only reported the FOB assets. And to the point of trans helicopters, you cannot have a pilot kit and be in any of the passenger seats of the bird, that has been apart of the game for awhile now. That being said, are you on a specific map that this occurs, or does this effect you on every map or server you play on.
  10. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    As far as I'm aware, the FOB assets are the only ones giving off the bugged warning. I have not seen nor heard of the issue being replicated on any normal vehicle assets on any map so far, are you sure your in a squad with the right kit and not trying to use a bot specific asset?
  11. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    The flags disappearing on the map has been a problem before the update. It tends to happen to me about three or four maps in, but restarting the game fixes it for me.
  12. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    It appears that all of the FOB emplacements are broken at the moment, I haven't found one that worked on any map so far.
  13. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    ah bugger, I Ctrl-F'ed all the line items to make sure, I don't know how I missed that lol.
  14. VG Elite server

    The server population already has issues hitting 40 on most normal days, if the population would be split between two servers, it would end up with two low pop servers and people already shy away from the server when it has a low population.
  15. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!