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  1. Epic Rap Battle :-)

    Wow to funny i had to watch them all !
  2. beep beep

    Hi everyone! I love PR and its been great playing with you all. I came across Project reality about two weeks ago and well... im hooked !!! i got hooked because the second game i played badploy was my squadleader. he was barking orders while laughing and we all did excellent. its alot of fun playing on your servers your all doing a great job! however I am still noob, this PR mod is truly somthing else. i just learned how to build in your training server and i successfully planted a FO right on top of my corpse :) so i'll let you all be the SQL untill i catch up i sport the =THC= tags in game because i am co founder at the moment i am the only one that plays PR and im really trying to get my pals into it, but so far no luck. They mostly play crossfire and a little BF2 i would add crossfire to your game list if it wasn't filled with so many hackers :( =VG= is a Great Clan well done i really feel at home on your server i'll see you all on the battlefiled