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  1. Offering help and suggestions

    I dont want you to promote me, I just was making suggestions. I dont need to be admin of your server I have enough with our divsul 😊 Just was trying to help but i see is not good idea, thanks anyway
  2. Offering help and suggestions

    Hi guys 😊 Im a PR player, and I really enjoy playing in your Co op server, but I was wondering if there is any chance of offering my help as admin on your server. Im not part of the clan (I would like to be) but many times the server has not admin or just one who let the players do whatever they want. Also im Admin of divsul server ( south america serv) and lot of players from that server also plays in the veterans one, but you dont have any admin speaking spanish or portuguese like us 🙁 And for example, there are cases where some friends have been wrongly banned and they couldn’t defend themselves cause of the language. I know veterans is american but is the best co op one (also because of your low ping for us) , it would be awesome if you could share it with us. So i just wanted to offered my help and congrats for the awesome community you have 🤗 Lady