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  1. Falcon Love!

    =VG= Bones LAN_WROTE ... Ladr6 LAN_WROTE ... Great vids! I noticed during alot of thier AG, they were slow. 250 knots or so. After watching those vids again, I realized that the footage that you are referring to has got to be an A-10, as it is the exact HUD symbology found in DCS-A10C. Either someone screwed up or they did not have enough F-16 footage! Ah... That would make sense. I wouldn't know that tho, not a DCS guru yet!!crazy
  2. ***PING*** Bones!

    Yeah, love it when the deploy chaff! LMAO!!!
  3. ***PING*** Bones!

    For some reason, when I saw this video, I thought of you after a long night of DCS A-10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWwLDxHeReQ&feature=related
  4. Falcon Love!

    Great vids! I noticed during alot of thier AG, they were slow. 250 knots or so.
  5. Im Back On The Falcon Crack!

    Good to have you back in the AF world!
  6. Cluster Bomb Setup??

    Jex LAN_WROTE ... Columns can stretch in excess of 7000M long so a ripple of 12 rockeyes at 300m will only cover half it's length. If you go for 600m you may loose on area effect. Columns are normally setup into groups of 3 like so ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... That's actually pretty much what they look like in game from high up lol. Rippling off all 12 at once is by far the safest option but probably won't get you as many kills. Going for single bombs as you dive down on each group of 3 (correct for lead if it's moving) will give you better results (you can get 30 kills this way with rockeye's) but you put yourself in harms way for ground fire and SAM's. Set your chaff/flares to dispense about 20, maybe 2 a second with a seconds interval. You're only doing one pass anyway. Basically you want them firing out for the length of time your in the SAM threat area. Remember as soon as you hit them, they'll scatter so make sure you set your attack run up good, flying along the column in the direction it is travelling. CBU's have all different uses. 12 Rockeye's is fine for armoured columns but check the tac ref and experiemnt with them. Jex :) Great info! Still waiting for Bones to help me with setting up my chaff/flare programs.!whistle
  7. Cluster Bomb Setup??

    I gotcha. Makes sense. But you would agree that its better to use the cluster munition if its a column of targets right? Also, do youknow what the average length of one of those columns? When you going to fly? Haven't seen you on in awhile.
  8. Cluster Bomb Setup??

    What do you do if you have a bunch of GMT that are scattered about? Still "pair" or one? Seems like you would go thru the bomb load pretty quickly like that.
  9. Cluster Bomb Setup??

    Nevermind... Got it! So Bones, why always in pairs? Or is that just in maybe CCRP? And thanks by the way! You the man!
  10. Cluster Bomb Setup??

    I am assuming that you need excel to view the file?
  11. I am trying to figure out the best setup for rockeyes/CBUs. I normally set the burst at about 1300-3000 depending on drop height. Anyone have any input on this/suggestions? Also, what kind of ripple distance? It seems that even when I set it between 175ft- 300ft, I still can't get the whole column. Anyone know on average what the column distance is or what the burst ration is on the clusters? For instance... If I set the burst at 1500ft, what kind of ground coverage am I going to get?
  12. Might shoot Tank a PM about the res issuse. I know he uses a 32" tv and says its amazing. He may be able to help ya out there. Not sure about the other stuff.
  13. Talk on Target

    Great vid man. That flight was awesome!! Time to do it again!
  14. f4af online?

    jimmi... Ever get on AF?
  15. Newbie

    Welcome! Now get on TS3!! Lots of MIGs up here and no one to fly with!