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  1. PR Editing

    Yep still works for me, just checked.
  2. PR Editing

    I run the editor on win 10. No issues for me
  3. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    Nice work Semler and Xenalite! Awesome!
  4. H8CrazyVet67

    A great guy and friend to many and always had the best intentions at heart. Thanks for all the time you spent making everyone else's lives that little bit better Vincent. You will be missed. Hater, thanks for letting everyone know and condolences to losing a great friend.
  5. I am Back!

    Wow, a real ghost. Spooky... welcome back
  6. PR Updates -

  7. Iron Ridge

  8. Update

    Just main
  9. Update

    server updated
  10. PR COOP Server Changes

    Why can't you change the asset spawn times and stuff? It always has been and still is entirely possible to do everything you mentioned. Don't know why you'd want to change cap orders though. We've played around with the bot and player numbers before and found that the current count worked best for both high pop and low pop times. You can only ever have a max of 48 bots on the enemy team without bots on the player side too.
  11. Admin application - Risiko94

    Thanks man, As semler said it's discussed internally. You'll be notified if there is any changes. One thing you can do is start being active on TS3 if you aren't, All our admins and veterans players are on the TS3 when they play. It is also a requirement for our admins
  12. Mug Shots!

    Some photos of me at work, girls were my students.
  13. Assistance with a few things :D

    Learn to fly in the lynx first (British Trans), Easiest helicopter. Vadso STD is a good map to practice. Land at the airport, in the streets, on rooftops etc. Don't try to hover before landing, just come in fast and level using no engine and slide onto the LZ. The skids take zero damage so as long as they are the only thing touching the ground you can land as hard as you want. If you do need to throttle down (S) just tap the key, holding it will flip you sideways. Master one helicopter at a time, Start with lynx. It's similiar handling to the hueys so you'll get those pretty fast after mastering the lynx. Then move to wheeled helis (Blackhawk, chinook, Mi8 etc) Each heli has it's own quirks that makes you change the flying style, eg. The blackhawk doesn't roll very good and puts it's nose in the ground when you land fast.
  14. Basic TRANS routes on Muttrah City

    Nice work Kav! Now all you need to do is make a video that shows them how to fly in the first place. I don't think anyone's trying to be negative, I think it's mostly just a commentary from their own flying experiences. I think Kav is just trying to give some of the safer routes and drop locations for beginners, not telling people exactly where to fly.
  15. Starting a Second PR COOP Server

    Surprised to see you alive and kicking! You should definitely jump back into PR and join us again! On 6/23/2015 at 3:55 AM He's dead jim
  16. Melon Test Event

    DATE: 4/8/2017, 2000 ZULU or 8PM GMT DOWNLOAD Extract files to Projectreality/mods/PR/levels Password: test Alright guys, It's time for Melon to school you on why he's amazing What we have coming Friday the 4th of August is an opportunity to test some of the new or hopefully improved coop maps. Maps are not yet final and these images only provide a basic idea of the maps, they can be added, changed or removed at any time. (When the maps are available to download they will be final) Now, to clarify what this is, it is a test event! Provided everything goes well they will be included in a future PR update. This means I will have zero tolerance for any shit talking. I need good, honest feedback and bug reports related to coop. A few frequently comments I do not want to hear and why: Why do we have bot assets/one man tanks? These maps are designed for both local play and coop on all servers, not just ours. Forest maps suck, the bots shoot me through trees? You suck, I can't fix that Can you change the faction? No This map sucks! Not helpful, will kick you from wherever you tell me this. I just told you something/heard someone else tell you and feel the need to repeat it. Don't, I will not be forgiving As usual, the only time I can run the event is like 4am for me, so I will stress this again in case you forget, I will not tolerate much. Unless it's a critical issue or you think it's very decent feedback, save it for the forum and check if anyone else has mentioned it. The poll is for Khamisyah, it will be either 2 a-10 or 2 f-15, I don't really care so it's up to you guys to vote There's a few maps, so there's a good chance we won't play them all. you will be able to check them out offline though and let me know your thoughts. KNOWN ISSUES: No spawn point on Sahel Std French mainbase. Sbeneh Alt crashing on spawn Blocked spawn on Silent Eagle
  17. Melon Test Event

    download is up, hopefully no crashes
  18. Melon Test Event

    Bumping this, Time is set for when it'll start, will finish whenever people get bored I guess. Removed Route because of some late issues, added a new Op barracuda layer though that I think should be interesting.
  19. Melon Test Event

    till people leave, will most likely be held at 8GMT as well, but this isn't final.
  20. Squad Formations in PR

    I try to use some more tactical formations but normally end up using the MMYAP (make me yell at people) approach below
  21. Operation "Red Tide" VI

    No thanks to me, I didn't do anything. But a huge thanks to TED for taking the time to make these events though. Anyone who has done anything with the BF2 editor will know the stress and frustration it entails. hopefully you don't wake up too many times during the night after dreams of GPOs. It's amazing how many maps you pumped out and how much everyone enjoyed them. You'll never be 100% happy with the way they play though, trust me. Next time have the events on a day that isn't Sunday at 4am and I promise I'll be there.
  22. Game suggestions

    Wargame Red Dragon. Just get it
  23. PR Update - changes to note

    Fixed except the tow humvee
  24. Melon's Final Revent pw; event

    REVENT DATE : SATURDAY the 11th of MARCH 6pm PRT/GMT So let's get this out of the way, my final event for a while. It's aulmination of all 3 events plus a few extra maps. I have tested all maps ticket counts and bleeds and as far as I can tell non are going to end in 5 minutes. There will be no signups, just typical coop fashion join or create a squad on the day. The rules are the same as the last, if you don't remember, here's a recap: Rules are standard =VG= coop rules but the commander has final say in squad movements and attacks, obstructive squad leaders will be resigned. Expect zero tolerance to rule breakage and bending during the event Entry is simple, download the files (LINK). Check the forums on the day for server password. Join the server. Have fun. The files for event 3 and the revent are both included in the same file, it is a large download for this reason (12 maps) In addition there will be changes to the coop gameplay: FOBs, foxholes and razorwire will need to be shovelled Squad leader spawn-point is removed Ticket count will matter 2 minute wait between each kit request. Squadless kick is in effect +Map specific changes THE MAPS IN ORDER OF ROTATION!!! RAMIEL US Army vs ARF US ASSETS500 Tickets 2x Stryker APC 1x HMMWV 50 cal 2x UH-60 Blackhawks 1x Logistics Truck ARF ASSETS ??? US Forces are to proceed to extraction point, capturing checkpoints along the way. ARF will be on the defensive, unable to recapture any lost flags. Infantry cannot change the state of the flag, only land assets and only while manned. Care must be taken to keep the assets alive Iron Ridge Militia Rebels Vs USA MILITIA Assets 150 tickets 1x MI8 transport helicopter 2x Ammunition Technicals USA Assets ??? Militia forces will spawn inside the city, rallypoints will last 3 minutes before disappearing. After that the only way into the city is via MI8 helicopter leaving the farm in the SE corner of the map. US Forces will attack only as infantry, but after capping the first line of defence will gain heavier assets. Militia needs to bleed US tickets before losing all of their own. BEIRUT ISRAELI DEFENCE FORCE Vs MIDDLE EAST COALITION IDF Assets300 tickets 2x Merkava MBT 2x UH-60L 2x Logistics Truck 2x HMMWV 50 cal MEC Assets ??? IDF Forces will assault objective A from the carrier via helicopters and the docks via land assets. MEC engineers have destroyed the bridge at point A so logistics trucks will need to deploy CSBs (close support bridges) to cross Infantry is expected to defend the fragile logistic trucks as this arduous task is completed. All points marked B are available for capture after A, followed by C then round completion at point D. UH60 will only be able to drop ammunition boxes, so no FOBs can be built across the river until the bridge is repaired MUTTRAH CITY FRENCH FORCES Vs PEOPLE'S LIBERATION ARMY CF Assets 300 tickets 3x Panther Transport 1x NH-90 Transport 6x RHIB PLA Assets ??? Standard AAS Khamisiyah US Army Vs Syrian Rebels US Assets150 tickets 4x MH6 transport helicopters (spawn delay) SR Assets ??? US Forces will spawn at the airfield and prepare for assualt, there are eight bunkers to capture in any order. Both CQB and long range fighting ASSUALT ON GROZNY CANADIAN FORCES Vs MILITIA REBELS CF Assets 300 tickets 2x LAVIII APCs 3x armed G WAGON 2x Support Truck 1x Logistics Truck Mil Assets ??? CF forces have to extract their commander and get him to the airport safely The commander must spawn on the rallypoint at flag A and must not leave until all flags leading to his location are captured. loss of flag A will result in a game loss If the commander is lost the game is counted as a loss. CF forces spawning at the main are to capture flags leading to the commander, resources may bypass the flags and assist the commander and flag A from round start but commander will not be able to leave until all flags to his position are captured. Once secure the commander must remain with the main force on the front lines and be present at every flag capture G wagons are non-respawning OPERATION BARRACUDA FRANCE Vs CHINA FR ASSETS300 Tickets 2x Panther transport Helicopters (5 minute delay) 1x NH90 transport Helicopter (5 minute delay) 1x Tigre attack Helicopter (10 minute delay) 4x assualt boats (5 minute delay) CH ASSETS ??? Standard AAS BAMYAN British Forces Vs Taliban BAF Assets 400 tickets 3x Warrior APC 1x Logistics Truck 1x Panther Taliban Assets ??? UK Forces are to proceed to extraction point, capturing checkpoints along the way.Taliban will be on the defensive.Infantry cannot change the state of the flag, only land assets and only while manned. Extreme care must be taken to keep the assets alive APCs are confined to the area withing 30m of the road on the route, no camping in the hills Trans has been removed and replaced by 1 logi and 1 Panther XIANGSHAN US Army Vs North Vietnamese Army US Assets 400 tickets 3x UH-1D transport helicopters 1x UH-1C Attack Helicopter 2x M113 ACAV Nva Assets ??? US Forces are to proceed to the town of Xiangshan (A) and captureOnce captured US are to secure the surrounding rice fields (B)After capturing all the surrounds move on and secure the main NVA town (C) All assets are spawn delay to allow prep time LASHKAR VALLEY Great Britain Vs Taliban GB ASSETS 300 Tickets 1x CH-47 Chinook (non-respawning) TALIBAN ASSETS ??? Blufor forces begin on the defensive, with all flags captured. Tabilban will assualt each flag in order, flags cannot be retaken. The only supplies come from the chinook or permanant supplies located at the FOB and final defensive. FOBs must be constructed or lose any chance of forward spawn points. Once the GB base is lost the chinook loses it's resupply and repair point. DRAGON FLY NL FORCES Vs RUSSIAN FORCES NL Assets 300 tickets 2x Fennek 1x Logistics RU Assets ??? Standard AAS KARBALA INSURGENTS Vs MIDDLE EAST COALITION INS Assets 300 tickets Ammunition Technicals MG Technicals AT Technical MEC Assets ??? INS forces are required to hold the city. Points marked with A are the outer perimeter. Points marked with B are the inner. C point is the final standpoint. Once an outer perimeter flag is capped MEC will attack the following inner perimeter flag. Example; North west flag A is captured, MEC will attack north west flag B Ins forces will spawn randomly throughout the city, only rallypoints are able to be deployed, FOBs are disabled. DOWNLOAD : LINK ALT: Link Install Instructions:1) Download the file 2)locate your PR levels directory, (default is C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\levels) 3) Extract the downloaded zip file into pr\levels using winzip, winrar, 7zip etc. OVERWRITE ALL OF THE OLD EVENT MAPS! 4) Run PR 5) Create a local coop game and check that the event maps are in your maplist 6)If they are you're good to go for the event
  25. Melon's Final Revent pw; event

    Bump Just a reminder that the event will be this weekend